Top UFC Knockouts Ever – 5 Of The Best – Blink And You Will Miss It

MMA_Gateway_ufc_logo_AfonsoMuzzi1998So enjoying Martial arts has nothing to do with knocking someone out, or seeing someone get knocked out, however – other then a clean submission, the knockout is the most definitive way for a martial artist to end a contest.

For all us fans the knockouts can be so unexpected and incredibly quick in some cases, that the sheer shocking and surprising excitement can be more entertaining then most things in this world, often providing jaw dropping moments.

So within this post, I’m just going to share some of the top UFC Knockouts ever, with my 5 favourite KOs of all time in the UFC. However I must stress that the term “my 5 favourite KOs” is interchangeable, because there are literally thousands of phenomenal KOs in UFC history, so trying to compress them into one post is impossible.

So the “Top UFC Knockouts Ever” will be a series of posts that I will be doing every few months, so lets get into part 1 –

No 5: Yoel Romero vs Chris Weidman

Now I don’t know about you, but personally when I saw Yoel Romero leap through the air, ending his fight with Chris Weidman at UFC 205 with a flying knee in their Middleweight bout, I was genuinely shocked. It wasn’t the knee itself which shocked me, because Romero is known for having an amazing flying knee due to his power and athleticism, it was the damage that it caused –

I will never forget seeing the image of the moment the knee landed, and blood instantly started pouring out of Chris Weidman’s head, as he fell to the ground virtually unconscious, then Romero followed up with punches on the ground to finish the fight.

Also with the fight being in New York, knowing all the work Chris Weidman had put into getting MMA legalised in New York, I really didn’t expect him to lose to Romero in that fashion.

That is when you know you are watching a legendary KO in the halls of the UFC, when there is tangible real shock at what you have just seen.

Ever since Chris Weidman twice defeated and literally crippled Anderson Silva, Weidman has looked dominant himself, until he ran into Luke Rockhold. But even in that bout, Weidman took a sustained beating showing his toughness before the referee was forced to stop the fight.

But I have never seen anyone do to Chris Weidman what Yoel Romero did, and a title shot is undeniable for him now. Just look at this amazing flying knee for yourself –

No 4: Stipe Miocic vs Fabricio Werdum

MMA_Gateway_UFC_Top_Knockouts Ever MDBRIf you don’t know how hard Stipe Miocic hits, then I suggest you watch this KO, because when I first saw this, I was highly impressed, because of how short the right hand was that put Werdums lights out.

You know you are looking at a fighter with serious punching power when they are still able to knock people out with such a short range punch, and while moving backwards. 

Also considering the stakes of pulling this off in a Heavyweight title bout, to defeat the legendary Fabricio Werdum with ease, just makes this KO even more impressive.

“Stone Cold” Stipe has been really raising some hell in the heavyweight division, he is an amazing boxer and wrestler, with insane cardio for a Heavyweight. Personally I think he is capable of defending his Heavyweight title multiple times to come yet, as I think it will take something special to end his reign.

Look at this instant classic KO

No 3: Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort

There is no doubt that if your talking about seeing some of the greatest knockouts in UFC history, that MMA_Gateway_UFC_Top_Knockouts Ever MDBRsentence cannot be said without mentioning the name Anderson Silva.

Ever since he defeated Rich Franklin by a brutal KO knee that broke Franklin’s nose badly, in their 2006 Middleweight title fight at UFC 64Anderson Silva went on an unprecedented 11 title defences defeating: Travis Lutter, Nate Marquardt, Rich Franklin (again), Dan Henderson, Patrick Cote, Thales Leites, Demian Maia, Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, Yushin Okami, and Chael Sonnen (again). During this streak he also defeated Lightheavweights – James Irvin, Forest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar in non title feature bouts where Anderson went up a weight class.

He was literally unbeatable for a period of time, but then a certain Chris Weidman came along.

But anyway, during Anderson’s incredible title defence run (which has only been matched by other UFC legends like Georges St. Pierre and Demetrious Johnson), my favourite Anderson Silva KO was undoubtedly his front kick KO of fellow Brazilian Vitor Belfort in their 2011 title bout at UFC 126 –

No 2: Terry Ettim vs Edson Barboza

MMA is a sport that provides the most entertainment of any combat sport or sport full stop in my eyes – main reason being there are so many variables of outcomes to a contest.

Now let me tell you before Edson Barboza landed this perfectly timed peach of a spinning wheel kick at UFC 134 in 2012, on surly UK veteran Terry Ettim Knocking him out instantly, nobody had really ever seen a finish like this in the octagon.

Ever since this, so many MMA fighters have started training more spinning kicks and Taekwondo techniques. So for historical importance in MMA, this KO is definitely one of the most important –

No 1: Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic vs Gabriel Gonzaga

Oh My God – that was all I had to say when I watched this KO happen in 2007 at UFC 70. Mirko Cro Cop being signed to the UFC was so exciting for me, because he was one of the first MMA fighters to get me really hooked on MMA.

He was one of my idols at the time, his Head kicks he used in fights, at the time was unheard of at Heavyweight, and still to this day, no MMA fighter at heavyweight has been able to defeat so many high level opponents via head kick KO.

After a relatively lacklustre debut against Eddie Sanchez, every MMA fan expected to see Cro Cop on top form for his second bout against Gabriel Gonzaga.

Little did we realise that we were about to witness a head kick KO, that was more vicious then any head kick KO that Cro Cop had displayed in his career or MMA full stop.

The way this KO happened, was literally the way we all thought Cro Cop would win the bout. I will never forget the pure shock as I jumped out of my seat screaming, and my mouth wide open for hours after.

Shin on temple, full extension, no hand up to block some of it, and a horrible landing which dislocated Cro Cops knee, that kick would have put anyones lights out. Just watch to believe –

So there you have it folks, 5 of my all time favourite knockouts – stay tuned for more Top UFC Knockouts Ever, and also Top UFC Submissions Ever.

As always any comments just drop them below.

Marley Dawkins


  1. Marley, wow you should be one fan of Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC, the way you have presented these knockouts. Sometimes the people we think cannot make it are the one who makes out of the fight.
    Thank you for the videos, they are all interesting. The video that amazed me most was knocking out someone with a flying knee. The guy’s knee was flying and hitting the opponent, how he did it, God only knows.
    Are you also a fighter?

    • Hi Mariam, yes unarmed combat is unforgiving, and i have been shocked so many times in my life watching MMA, in terms of how many underdogs have spoilt the show for a big favourite, it really does happen more then most sports.

      Yes Yoel Romero has some absolutely devastating flying knee techniques, which is mainly due to his incredible athleticism and strength. I did feel kind of sorry for Chris Weidman though, getting finished like that in his backyard must have been a really tough pill for him.

      I am not a professional fighter, but i have and do train with professional MMA/BJJ fighters, I’ve trained a lot of martial arts in my life – years of shoot fighting, muay thai, karate and now im focusing on BJJ – i don’t even have a belt in BJJ yet, but i have tapped out my blue belt friend before 🙂

  2. I’m always a little sad to see Mirko go the way he did. Been a fan of his for some time and his dominance in K-1 was exceptional, what a kicker and sportsman. I wonder what he would have been like, if he’d join UFC in his prime. Hero might be a word that’s too strong, but I’ve looked up to the guy.
    Btw, I know this is UFC exclusive, but what do you think about MVP’s KO’s ? 🙂 That’s another crazy guy to follow.

    • Hi Reinis, Yeah i know exactly what you mean, seeing him getting finished like that by Gonzaga was really painful, and for the most part i didn’t really enjoy Cro Cop being in the UFC towards the end of his career, and i think a lot of his fans would agree.

      Like you said his best days were definitely in Pride and K-1, and personally i think if he was in the UFC in his prime, he would have undoubtedly been the heavyweight champion and probably would have defended it a lot too.

      Yes MVP is a very interesting fighter – i would say he hasn’t been tested yet against the best in the world, but his style is very flashy but effective so far – I may do a Top Bellator KOs blog series in the future, and then i will have to add plenty of MVP KOs, like his his head crushing finish of Cyborg.

  3. Hey Marley, great list of KOs. The Romero one was especially surprising to me when it happened. I remember the fight was even on the scorecards & both fighters were fighting a safe, calculated fight, then Romero just explodes and lands that crazy leaping knee. That’s what makes that dude so dangerous, he can be taking it easy, just pacing himself, then he just explodes and ends the fight.
    Thanks for the great article, & as an avid MMA fan like yourself, I have to say keep up the great work!

    • Hi Andrew, glad you like this list of KOs, yes i agree Romeros flying knee against Weidman to finish the fight was pretty shocking, and like you say he is such a methodical fighter, lulling his opponents to sleep almost, and then boom he flies throw the air with immense athleticism and crushes his opponent.

      I would like to meet you at a UFC event in the future, so get booking a ticket for any upcoming big event!

      Thanks for stopping by bro, come back again sometime!

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