UFC 246: A reminder of what a redemption story can do

It’s in the books now right? Conors return has been and gone, which it has to be said was 40 seconds of beautiful MMA skill im sure you agree. I don’t care what anyone says about doubting Cowboys commitment getting TKO’d so quickly by the Irishman, his face told the story after the fight and Cowboy is a true legend of the sport, someone that has truly seen it all so what Conor did to him in 40 seconds was really insane.

Conor has been off for ages and has had some stressful things to deal with in his personal life, with seemingly endless scandals and legal proceedings – so all of this shit on top of his punching power, taking this fight at 170 and his championship calibre mentality, I had a feeling he could come flying out of the gates on fire, with a lot of pent up rage to unleash and flatline Cowboy quick, which is exactly what he did.

Conor even managed to create a new favourite move for MMA fans with his left shoulder strikes,  given the level of damage he caused to Cowboy with a succession of highly effective left shoulder strikes in this fight.

I just wanted to mention in this post that as impressive as Conor looked in this fight, it really is amazing how much a redemption story can change how we all view someone.

Here’s the fight in its brief entirety –

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The lowest of the low beforehand

Think about the public opinion of Conor McGregor before this Cowboy fight among MMA fans and even his loyal Irish fans, people were turning their back on Conor, me included.

His antics just seemed to be getting too crazy and out of hand outside of the cage in the past few years and I really doubted he would come back at all and for a time i didn’t really care about him coming back.

But in the days before the fight my excitement grew steadily, then the fight itself buzzed me back up on his amazing skills in the cage and his after fight attitude having his family with him, hugging Cowboys grandmother, speaking well and giving humble respectful interviews after the fight.

I think we can all say that any true Conor fan, will likely have fallen back in love with him on this night.

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flying high now

I mean seriously talk about zero to hero, the guy is the man again, walking on water and I love it. But who is next? That was the immediate question we all had and most fans will agree that the man front and center in the crowd at UFC 246 sporting one of Conors famous robes,  Street Jesus BMF champ Jorge Masvidal is top of all of our lists.

But Welterweight champ Kamaru Usman was in attendance also, although his low popularity might effect if Conor will fight him next. I personally do not want to see Conor fight Khabib Nurmagomedov again just yet, I still feel that given how definitively Khabib beat Conor in their first fight – Conor has to still earn that rematch for me.

My personal favourite idea would be for him to return to 155 and take on Justin Gaethje who more than most fighters really seems to have some heat towards Conor sand given both mens entertaining striking styles, I really think that Gaethje vs McGregor would be the most entertaining of all the options.

But in reality I feel that Conors next fight could likely be the trilogy with Nate Diaz, but we will see over the coming few months.

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we love a redemption story

There is still nothing in this world more effective for a celebrity on a downward spiral of deteriorating public support, then to paint a strong redemption story on camera for all to see.

Conor has crafted this very well and it’s really refreshing to see and hear positive things about Conor again, after a few years of dark clouds hanging around his name. He truly is a special fighter and his character does seem to be slowly maturing and becoming more honourable, I think he realises that he cannot change what he has done, but he can change himself to live with integrity and honour, to change his destiny to what’s best like we all truly must.

Whether Conor’s beautiful lead up, performance and aftermath this time round will stick next time round, I certainly hope so because this is a version of Conor that I don’t think any of us have seen before and I think this could be the greatest version of him yet.

That’s all for now guys, so I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as i have enjoyed writing it – so leave a comment below and stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

Have a good one!

Marley Dawkins

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