UFC Fight Kit 2 – Women’s UFC Reebok Black/Gold Jersey Review

Product: Women’s UFC Reebok Black/Gold JerseyMMA_Gateway_UFC_Fight_Kit Review Reebok Women's

Price: Today’s Sale Price: $38.99, Regular: $64.99 – You Save: $26.00

Best place to buy: UFCStore.com

Size: S, M, L, XL

Material: 95% Cotton/5% Elastane

Colour: Black/Gold

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

Shipping Rate: flat $6.99 fee

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Product Overview

For all massive UFC fans like me, we always notice what fighters wear inside and outside the octagon: through the fight week, at the weigh ins, doing media, during the walk outs and of course in the cage – now If you think like me, then you no doubt have noticed the UFC Fight Kits that all UFC athletes wear.

MMA_Gateway_UFC Fight Kit Review Reebok Women'sSo this week at the MMAGateway, we continue our UFC Fight Kit series – today we focus on the Women’s UFC Reebok Black/Gold Jersey.

Now this is a groundbreaking post here at the MMAGateway, because this is the first Women’s only product that is available on my site after high demand, which my female colleague is helping me to review.

Anyway lets get into things here –  so I really like authenticity when I’m wearing any kind of clothes, and with training gear its even more important. The whole idea of cheap copies annoys me, especially if a underhanded salesman will try and tell me its the “real deal”.

This is why I really like these UFC Fight Kit Jerseys – because they are 100% identical to the fight kit that UFC fighters wear in fight week, and when they approach the cage, seriously they are the exact same ones.

I don’t accept any rubbish copies, so I went to the official UFCstore, and for my female friend, I bought her this Women’s UFC Reebok Black/Gold Jersey.

Now I have the male version of this which I reviewed in the first part – but just like the male version, my female colleague tells me that this Women’s UFC Reebok Black/Gold Jersey is very comfortable, nice and tight fitting, while also being super flexible, and it gives you a confidence edge when your training, because it makes you feel like a UFC champion.

Heres a video for you to see what the UFC Fight Kits look like in the flesh:

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My top 3 Favourite things about this Jersey

So everything has postitives and negatives in life, which we will get to later in this review, but for now lets look at my favourite things about this Women’s UFC Reebok Black/Gold Jersey –

  • Firstly my top favourite point about this Jersey, is the main reason why I purchased it for my female colleague MMA Gateway UFC Fight Kit Review Reebok Women'sin the first place – It is a 100% genuine piece of UFC Fight Kit by Reebok. Just the thought that you are wearing the exact same thing UFC fighters wear for their walkout to the octagon, it makes you feel like a million bucks.
  • Secondly this UFC Fight Kit top, is very comfortable from what my female colleague tells me, because its built from quality materials (95% Cotton/5% Elastane) But also just the same with the Men’s version that we reviewed last time, the athletic tight fit of this Jersey, and the welded seams boost the comfortability of it even more.
  • Thirdly my female colleague said she also likes the fact that this Women’s UFC Reebok Black/Gold Jersey is machine washable, as she has kids and a busy work schedule, so its hard for her to get time to wash clothes by hand, or take clothes to a dry cleaner – This is the same with the men’s version, so just being able to throw this in the machine any time is handy.

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  • This jersey is made from 95% Cotton as well as 5% Elastane, which makes it top draw for quality, comfort and flexibility.
  • The Sublimated design, means that the inks used  in its design are fused into the fabric itself, which means this Women’s UFC Reebok Black/Gold Jersey is made with the best quality and longest lasting print option, which also means you can wash it hundreds of times and it will keep its colour without fading.
  • A Tagless collar might appear a minor point to some, but in reality a lot of poor alternatives are known for having tags on the collar, which just annoys you while your trying to focus on training/fighting – but you wont have this issue with the Women’s UFC Reebok Black/Gold Jersey.MMA_Gateway_UFC Fight Kit Review Reebok Women's
  • The welded seams stop bulk and chafing, because the seams are literally fused together,  which just means that this jersey will not rip at the seams while your training/fighting.
  • The Heat-sealed graphics keeps the artwork bold without cracking, and basically seals all the characters into the Jersey itself.
  • Its created through a Lightweight low-profile construction for weight reduction, and just as with the male version, my female colleague says that its weight is amazing, and she can hardly tell shes got it on.
  • The Multi-directional stretch fabric with side vents give an excellent and efficient mobility, which means this Jersey can be adapted for any type of training really.
  • Fit: Reebok UFC® Jerseys are slim -fit in design, so it really hugs your body without being loss and getting in the way when grappling for instance. So remember if you want a looser fit, you need to order one size larger than what you would normally wear for a standard t-shirt.
  • This Women’s UFC Reebok Black/Gold Jersey is Officially licensed, which as I mentioned earlier is a huge reason to get  it in the first place – you have an identical top to that of all your UFC heroes as they walk out to throw down.
  • Now despite some of the bad press the UFC/Reebok deal has gotten, particularly from UFC media/fighters – the fact still remains that Reebok is an actual giant in the athletics industry, so you know they produce top quality equipment.


  • Its amazing but my female friend said exactly the same thing I did about the Men’s version of this jersey, which is that overall there is a genuine lack of design creativity. Because although this Women’s UFC Reebok Black/Gold Jersey and all Reebok UFC Fight Kits are made with great quality, with a nice uniform look, I personally feel that more eye catching and creative design would be better, but of course a lot of people will like its simple design.MMA Gateway UFC Fight Kit Review Reebok Women's
  • I think paying $6.99 for shipping costs is a bit annoying, I’m sure most people won’t mind this, but I’m picky with shipping when buying from companies, so basically I expect a seller to cover all shipping charges, especially for a simple light item like a Jersey. But then it is shipped in a day to most countries in the world, so that is pretty impressive.
  • $64.99 is fine for me, but its only fine because its an authentic UFC/Reebok Fight Kit, so the price could put some off.
  • Black and Gold….really? Wheres the Gold? That was what my female colleague said to me when i told her the title of this jersey then she put it on herself. I think the UFCstore should have this listed as Women’s UFC Reebok Black Jersey, instead of Women’s UFC Reebok Black/Gold Jersey, because there’s only a tiny bit of gold on the small UFC letters on the back of the jersey.

Male or Female we all need a UFC Fight Kit!

MMA_Gateway_UFC_Fight_Kit Review Reebok Women'sSo gender doesn’t come into this, because if your into MMA or training, then bottomline is you will always need a great kist to train in and to boost your confidence.

So now we are at the end of this second part of the UFC Fight Kit series, which means you have all the knowledge to make an informed decision about what you want to do now.

Maybe this Women’s UFC Reebok Black/Gold Jersey, isn’t for you in which case I hope you learnt something at the very least – but if your like me and my female colleague, then you are serious about martial arts and your training, which means you know what you need, which is always more top quality gear to train in – so now you can take some action and make a purchase HERE.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this review, and of course stay tuned for the next part in this UFC Fight Kit series right here at the MMAGateway.

Any comments, questions or feedback, then make sure you post something below and I will reply as soon as I can.

So till next time have a great weekend and stay frosty!

Marley Dawkins


  1. Hi, Thanks for the overview of the product. It was very clear for someone like me who doesn’t know much about MMA and their products. You helped deliver great content and I’m hoping to convince my parents into buying a fight kit for me. Overall, I liked the page and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Deep, glad you liked the review and that your starting to take an interest in MMA.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is an outstanding review on this product! It has provided all the details I need to know in making my decision on whether to purchase this product or not. You really know your talking about when it comes to MMA. This is one of the best product descriptions I have ever read.

    • Hi Robert, glad you like this review.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  3. excellent! product review/overview of the product as a huge ufc and mma fan i would actually recommend someone to check this review out if they were interested in getting this jersey.
    And another thing i will add is i really like the pros and cons of the product its full of details and with that section in there i feel i could make the right call if i were interested in getting it

    • Hey Marquis, yes the MMAGateway is perfect for anyone who follows MMA 🙂 thanks for your support!

  4. Hey Marley great review. I am picky about my workout gear as well. I love authenticity. Nothing gets my goat when you think you have an original and after wearing it for about a month or so it begins to unravel and fade. Pisss. Your review has definitely sent me off to the actual website to purchase one for me and my wife. Thank you

    I noticed you mention about how the seems are infused. Should I look for certain attributes like this about a product when I purchase in the store as well?

    • Hi AJ, glad you like this review, and i can tell your a guy who likes the real deal just like me 🙂 yeah both the mens and womens UFC Fight Kits have been reveiwed right here at the MMAGateway.

      Look out for any tops that have welded seems, meaning you can hardly see the seems, and they will look reinforced 🙂

  5. I am not a big fan of MMA, but enjoyed the informative view of your product. If I was a thin chicky it might be something I would purchase. I am just curious what the male version looks like or did I miss that? Maybe one of these days I will become more of a fan. Great job!

    • Hey Missy, glad you enjoyed the review 🙂 these tops are available in larger sizes so you could still consider this!

      But yes the male version has been very popular, and you can check out my review on it right here

      Thanks for your support! 

  6. Hi Marley,

    What a great review!
    I am not a fighter or something like that, but I do run a lot, and I need a high-quality shirt. The UFC fight Kit looks so comfortable to wear and easy to clean! When I run I sweat quite a lot, and it seems that this fabric absorbs well the transpiration. Am I right?
    However, I will definitely try this item!

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Hi Daniella, thanks for dropping by again, always nice to hear from you 🙂 I know your not a fighter, but like you say running is a part of a fighters regime and all athletes in general, and yes this Women’s UFC Reebok jersey is good for any kind of workout, easy to clean and will definitely absorb all your perspiration! 

      Oh by the way if you go to a UFC event, you will find a lot of women wearing these tops and you can ask them directly yourself how they like it 🙂

      See you again soon!

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