UFC Fighters – Are they really the best in the world?

Are UFC Fighters really the best in the world? Yes they are, you only have to look at great champions like Jon Jones or Khabib Nurmagomedov to know that. But I was watching an interview with Eddie Alvarez with Ariel Helwani recently and during the interview Alvarez made an interesting point in relation to UFC fighters and his general experiences since leaving the  UFC and joining ONE Championships in Asia.

The point Eddie made the point in this interview that many of the greatest fighters in the world are in the Jungles of Brazil right now, or in the Mountains of Dagestan, Tibet, the Himalayan mountains or somewhere remote like that. These unknown fighters are training right now in the harshest of conditions developing a mind of steel while also developing amazing athletic and martial arts skill sets ready to be the next big thing in MMA.

Eddie Alvarez was essentially making this point to defend the competition he is now facing in ONE Championships and to discredit some of the UFC fighters he has fought before. While slightly bitter in tone, the point Alvarez makes is solid.

Many MMA and particularly UFC fans can get confused about who is really the greatest fighters on Earth sometimes, because in the UFC while they do have many of the greatest fighters, many fighters are more carried by their popularity then others. This popularity will be connected to their skillsets as fighters, but a fighter can easily get more hype then they really deserve and essentially cover over their shortcomings as a fighter due to their antics outside of the cage, or their character/fight promotion ability.

Sure you look at a UFC fighter like Jon Jones and you say ok that guy is an amazing fighter generally, yet you look at the career of a guy like Chael Sonnen who retired recently and you say – ok that guy while a skilled fighter, he carried himself much further in fans eyes/rankings due to his ability to sell fights and create popularity.

The reality is though, is that everyday there is the possibility that one of these silent beast warriors out there, somewhere in one of the jungles and harsh environments of the world of this planet – when they emerge from their Hyperbolic time chamber, just like in Dragonball Z – you can see them rip into MMA leaving an imprint like few before.

Here’s the interview with Alvarez if you wana hear what he said yourself –

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The Silent Warrior always approaches

Throughout history some of the greatest warriors ever spoken of, have often been the most silent and unknown of people in life, due to living a humble life, being honourable, never looking for attention, never looking to start conflict with others, but always capable and willing to end the conflict if the need to defend himself, someone or something arises – amazing how we humans honour the dishonourable and forget the honourable at times, this is at its most evident with some UFC fans.

Francis Ngannou is a great example of a recent fighter who literally came from the middle of nowhere, in the poverty stricken Senegal working hard in dusty mines for years – to now having explosive impacts since joining the UFC narrowly missing out on a title and likely to be future UFC Heavyweight champion at some point. These unknown warriors may not always be silent though, they may be a very loud and brash character as the likes of Conor McGregor or Israel Adesanya have shown in recent years.

If you go back throughout history all the greatest martial artists and fighters with a few exceptions were mainly spoken of as being good humans who really only used their fighting skills in actual defence of life. The concept of prizefighting while it did occur in many ancient civilisations, it has always tended to attract many greedy and attention seeking fighters as opposed to the actual greatest warriors.

This creates problem particularly in Asia, as the UFC for example has struggled to get a big fan base in China as many of your average Chinese citizen who enjoys martial arts, may not actually enjoy the idea of prizefighting.

Who will be the next silent warrior to emerge from the depths?

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Famous warriors I would have loved to see fight

On a side note just looking at famous warriors throughout history, one of my icons growing up was Bruce Lee and he is largely attributed by many to be one of the original founders of MMA.

So of course it would have been amazing to see Bruce Lee fight in MMA, but then when you go further back in history I have to say that famous fighters/leaders like: Miyamoto Musashi, Leonidas I of Sparta and Genghis Khan would be some other amazing choices to enter the cage as well.

Let me know any cool ideas for fighters from history that you would have loved to see step into the cage.


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Are they actually the best?

Yes, professional MMA fighters really are the most skilled martial artists you can find in this world. However, the point im making here is that the bar is always raised every generation, so as good as what you see is in MMA you really never know when the next unkwin fighter is going to enter the cage and create a new standard of excellence, as we mentioned earlier.

China for example, if MMA can start to become embraced by the country, I feel at some point will have a burst of unknown silent warriors breach the top 5 and become champions which newly crowned UFC Women’s strawweight champion Weili Zhang may be the start of.

Anyway that’s it for today guys, hope you enjoyed this so if you did then post a comment below, like, share, subscribe and as always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

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Marley Dawkins

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