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Release Date: March 15th 2016

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Product Overview

With the popularity of the UFC and MMA in general on the rise, then it was always inevitable that a big UFC Game would come out and more in the future and have started to become big projects for the UFC owners – so today we are reviewing the EA Sports UFC 2 game for PS4 and Xbox One which is the latest in the franchise of UFC games.

UFC_EA_UFC2_Game_UFC Toys_PS4_Xbox One Review MMA MMAGatewayThe series of UFC games first began in the year 2000 with Ultimate Fighting Championship game which was released on PS1, DC and GBC, so the series has come along way with the growth of the UFC as a company.

More children and young adults are of course taking more of an active interest in the UFC, and games are something young people in general enjoy.

But at any age every athlete needs downtime, you cannot be working out non stop 24/7 because that always leads to extreme physical burnouts that will destroy your body before the contest even begins.

That’s why playing games to relax is crucial and this new EA Sports UFC 2 game is fantastic for that from using any of your favourite fighters in the octagon, to team battles, creating your own fighter and going on a championship run, or just going through a variety of game modes to have great fun!

Look at this video to get a closer look at the game in action –

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The best things I like about this game

  1. Amazing aesthetics and no techniques missing – Personally this is the first UFC game I have ever played, and first off the game just looks beautiful, everything is really nicely detailed which I think always makes it easy to immerse yourself in the game. But to go with the beautiful looks there’s really is no technique missing, every striking technique ever displayed in the octagon, every wrestling technique and every grappling/submission technique is all in the game, and because the graphics are so nice it makes every martial art technique you use in the fight feel very intimate and real.

    UFC_EA_UFC2_Game_UFC Toys_PS4 Xbox One Review MMA MMAGateway

  2. KO Mode is a a lot of fun – It’s no secret that for most UFC fans usually the most entertaining fights are the fights that are mainly contested on the feet,  in a back and forth striking match. That’s why this new KO mode is so much fun, it basically removes all wrestling and grappling from bout rules, meaning that it is simply fights based on one rule – first person to get the KO on the feet wins, so when you have your friends round and wana have the most fun, you will probably find playing this mode will be best to have a quick laugh.
  3. Create a fighter is really cool – When I play the game on my own this is one of my favourite parts of the game, because as much as I love using Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, Joanna Jedrzejczyk and all my favourite fighters in the octagon, in games I like things that are personalised to me, where I can build my own story. You can choose fighting stats, techniques and everything about your fighters appearance which means of course you can create yourself or any person you want to start your amazing title run through the Ultimate Fighter house into a UFC championship bout. Also on top of this you can also unlock and use legendary celebrity characters in combat sports such as Bruce Lee, Mike Tyson and Joe Rogan to name a few.


  • There really is no techniques missing from this game, which means you can learn to master any type of fighting style you wish.
  • The character visuals really are stunning, everything looks so close to real life, with such detail on the muscles, sweat, all the refs, ring girls, arena etc are amazing and many gamer’s believe this game has the best visuals period of any game out there currently.

    UFC_EA_UFC2_Game_UFC Toys PS4 Xbox One Review MMA MMAGateway
  • The sound effects are really authentic, you can hear the bone crunching realistic sounds that occur in the octagon, and while some people complain about it, I think it has some of the best commentary of any EA sports game by the classic Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg.

  • EA Sports UFC 2 officially has the deepest ever roster of any fighting simulation, featuring a good mix of MMA’s biggest stars, hottest prospects and awesome unlockable secret characters like Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson etc.

  • The KO mode is a lot of fun, especially for a quick button bash with your friends – no point fighting, no take downs or submissions, just brutal strikes on the feet until someone gets the KO!
  • There really is a mode for every Fight Fan – for instance new additions like The first-ever “Ultimate Team” experience is also a lot of fun!

  • Create a Fighter is awesome too, sure it doesn’t have the amount of options of some WWE games, but it really is fun to make yourself or anyone you like, give them the techniques you want, the visuals you want and then take them on a title run – best thing to do when playing alone I think.
  • Tools to Master MMA – the training options and visual aids make mastering the art of grappling in teh game much easier although some may find this over complex.
    UFC_EA_UFC2 Game UFC Toys PS4 Xbox One Review MMA MMAGateway
  • Think you can put a better fight card together then UFC president Dana White? Well now with the event creator you can! Pick the fights, and even play through the card if you like, this is an awesome option in the game.
  • Any fans who own EA Sports UFC and buy EA Sports UFC 2 will get Day One Access to Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson for FREE, or you can complete campaign mode or purchase them.

  • Online mode will satisfy many gamer’s who prefer to play people from all around the world.
  • 12 awesome mini games based on skills challenges are good again to take your performance to the next level.
  • Predict real live events! Pick which fighters will win real match ups in upcoming UFC events and then bring those predictions to life inside the UFC 2 Octagon. Extra rewards and topping a leadership board is very satisfying when you get most of your picks right!


  • As amazing as the graphics and visuals are, I don’t think the game makes the most of them – sometimes the characters are too deadpan – the game designers need to understand that it is the interactions, expressions and charisma of many fighters which can be as entertaining as the fights.UFC_EA UFC2 Game UFC Toys PS4 Xbox One Review MMA MMAGateway
  • The game play is smooth, but for new gamer’s to UFC games, they might find the controls a bit complex at times and some of the visual aids can be distracting too.
  • The game sometimes struggles to capture the unpredictability of real UFC fights, but that isn’t really the games fault I suppose because no sporting games can match the unpredictability of real sporting events.
  • Some of the damage calculation can be confusing at times – I mean if you can take 50 clean head kicks to the head in one fight, but in the next fight you miss a few punches and get knocked out with a counter in one punch.

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Relax with the most realistic UFC game!

UFC_EA_UFC2_Game_UFC Toys_PS4_Xbox One_Review MMA MMAGatewayUltimately while there are pluses and minuses as with any product we review, EA Sports UFC 2 is currently the best and most realistic UFC game on the market right now. No its not perfect and I expect the next game instalment will be even better, but for now you cant get any better UFC game then this one.

So if your a big UFC fan, you need a UFC Game, so I can safely say this game is a must for you, but honestly if your not a big UFC fan, you might not enjoy this game as much as other games.

Now at this point If you have made your decision, then its time to make an order and you can do that right HERE.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s review, so if you have any comments, question’s or general feedback, then please post them below, and of course stay tuned for more of the best MMA product reviews right here at the MMAGateway.

Thanks for reading!

Marley Dawkins


  1. Big UFC fan and big UFC gaming fan, and I must agree with you that they could of done something more with the game. Its lacking in many areas. To be honest, I enjoy playing UFC 2010 Undisputed rather than UFC 2. Maybe outlining some of the the improvements or differences of UFC 2 between the other UFC games could be interesting.

    Nice in depth review about the game, definitely will be looking closer into the game with regards to what you have descriptively pointed out. Maybe I will enjoy it more haha.

    • Hey Jared, nice to see you here always nice to hear from another big UFC fan! Yeah all the games are pretty niche right? I haven’t seen a perfect UFC game yet, but who knows in the future we might get one!

      While UFC 2 has some gaming holes, visually i think its the best game around right now, but your right UFC 2010 undisputed is solid!

      But im sure you know there are no games when it comes to training, so keep your dome well covered!

      Thanks for your support!

  2. Hi Marley,

    To be honest, I don’t know anything about fighting. I wish I would, though:) My son loves sports games, and he will be very happy to get the UFC 2 game. I am impressed by the video. The persons look real! I just wonder if it’s OK for a teenager of 15 years old to play this game? Also, just a personal question, if you don’t mind:) Why the fighters don’t wear a helmet on their heads? I’ve always thought boxers protect their face.

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Hi Daniella, I know your not the biggest fight fan, but you enjoy athletics and like you say if your son loves sports games, then he will love this UFC 2 game and yes its perfectly fine for a 15 year old lad to play this game. Also stay tuned because within the next year we will be reviewing the up and coming UFC 3 Game.

      Well boxers do wear headgear when they are sparring, but not in pro MMA fights. Look at this great headgear for example.

      See you around!

  3. I really enjoyed reading your review on this game. I might even purchase it for my son for Christmas. I do have to say that when talking calculations on unpredictability, humans are what makes the game of unpredictability. This is a game played by interacting with a gaming console. Therefore it would not be unpredictable. 🙂

    • Hi Kelsey, glad you enjoyed this review! And are thinking of it as a present for your son, its definitely a solid present for any young lad who’s into athletics of any kind.

      But yeah good point about the unpredictability lol

      Your son might also like to have a poster as well!

      See you again soon!

  4. I love that game so much! I got last year UFC and it was spectacular! My friend got it for me for my birthday and I couldn’t stop playing it. My friends and I always had tournaments and we became addicted! I might come back to order this game again. I love the pros and cons of this game, it is very true and I’m glad I read about this!

    • Awesome Marques! Yeah it is a cool game, some people prefer the older versions but for visual graphics and amount of technique available its the best UFC game yet. Sounds like you and your friend and some good fun! Its definitely an easy game to get addicted to 🙂

      Also if you like the UFC so much and you want to start learning wrestling you should check this out.

      Thanks for the feedback bro!

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