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Release Date: 2 Feb. 2018

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Product Overview

Are you a big gamer? If you are then you will love today’s post as we breakdown a full review of the latest UFC Game in the series of games being EA Sports UFC 3.

UFC 3_EA Sports_Game_PS4_XboxOne_Review_MMA_Fight_Realistic_Evolution_ImprovementsDana White Conor McGregor Nate DiazNow honestly when I was a teenager I used to love gaming a lot, but nowadays I don’t find much time for gaming – however, I do still from time to time like to pick up the pad and one game I have been playing most recently is UFC 3 on PS4.

The evolution really is amazing from the first UFC game I ever played being UFC Throwdown back in 2002 on PS2, because UFC 3 really has more than any game before, which you should expect considering how many times they have redesigned this game.

But simply put UFC 3 looks better then any game before it, it plays better then any game before it and it compels you, it entertains you more than any other UFC game before, which ultimately is the point of playing computer games right?

Take a quick look at this highlight and honest review of this game –

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My favourite parts about this game

  1. The Graphics are amazing – now with computer games I usually like it when the game looks blocky, pixelated and looks like a classic old computer game so to speak. But with certain games like UFC games, reality is important so I have really enjoyed watching the evolution of the graphics from the first game, there is legitimate moments in this UFC 3 game where certain things look so much like reality. The fighters, Arenas, Fans, voicing of fighters, the movements of fighters, tendencies, the fighting, the narratives, it all feels unique and cutting edge.UFC 3_EA Sports_Game_PS4_XboxOne_Review_MMA_Fight_Realistic_Evolution Improvements Dana White Conor McGregor Nate Diaz
  2. They have changed the striking system for the better – Yeah it was one of the problems with some of the older games, I’ve pulled my hair out loads of times as a kid playing UFC games with poor striking systems – but now EA have completely revamped the controls for the striking, now the right stick enables you to freely slip, dodge and evade strikes, which combined with now being able to throw any strike while moving forwards and backwards makes the fights feel so much more like a real UFC fight then ever before. This makes it really fun to start noticing tendencies and picking off your opponent, you also have to take your stamina, offence and defence all into consideration more than ever before which add to the realism.
  3. The Career mode is so cool – It felt a bit weak in past UFC games, but in UFC 3 there is much more attention spent to how you spend your time in between fights, you can choose specific gyms to train at while having to take training costs into consideration. You get points every week that you can use to upgrade your fighter, learn a new move, promote your next fight or learning more detail about your next opponent and its really cool that whatever you choose directly affects the career narrative and how you will perform in the next fight.

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  • Created by EA Sports who really are one of the very best sporting games developers in the industry.
  • The Career mode really does push the bar out and make the game so much more enjoyable than previous UFC games, as it makes you feel closer to the real experience of being a fighter in the UFC striving for championship glory.UFC 3_EA Sports_Game_PS4_XboxOne_Review_MMA_Fight_Realistic Evolution Improvements Dana White Conor McGregor Nate Diaz
  • Easily the best graphics of any of the previous UFC games, everything just looks so clean and fluid.
  • The new striking system is the most fluid, sharp and most realistic of all UFC games – throwing any strikes moving forwards or backwards as well as the slick ways you can evade/block strikes is amazing upgrades.
  • More fighters to choose from than ever before with over 234 UFC fighters across 10 different weight classes in the game, as well as Bruce Lee, Joe Rogan and Bruce Buffer available as unlockable characters.
  •  KO mode is cool with the addition of Snoop Dogg for commentary is a nice touch.
  • Easily the most entertaining UFC game ever.


  • Ok its the best one yet, but the grappling system still like all the previous games feels clunky and ultimately very complex to master.UFC 3_EA Sports_Game_PS4_XboxOne_Review_MMA_Fight Realistic Evolution Improvements Dana White Conor McGregor Nate Diaz
  •  All the upgrade options in the Ultimate team mode, feels like a bit of a pointless endeavour all the item scouting stuff is so expensive, coins can be slow to acquire and all the customisation options just feel a bit too complex.
  • Still has some of the weird collision issues during fights sometimes, meaning you might see something like a punch being thrown at your opponents head, but they try to evade or throw a strike back, so your strike hits them in the balls or somewhere random, but the punch knocks them out like they were hit clean on the chin lol.

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Still the realist

No its not perfect, but EA Sports UFC 3 is the best effort yet at providing the most complete and realist MMA fighter gaming experience. Some parts of the game genuinely are the best in all combat sports games, but if they can keep improving these good parts and removing the bad parts the next UFC game should be out of this world.

So if you have heard enough to tease you into trying this UFC Game then you can make an order right HERE.

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See you soon!

Marley Dawkins

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