UFC Hats – Men’s Reebok Black UFC 222 Official Weigh-In Snapback Adjustable Hat – Fighting on the Dome!

Product: Men’s Reebok Black UFC 222 Official Weigh-In Snapback Adjustable HatUFC_Hats_Reebok_UFC 222_MMA_MMAGateway_Black_Event_Official_Review Cyborg Ortega

Price: Today’s Sale Price: $16.99, Regular: $27.99You Save: $11.00

Best place to buy: ufcstore.com

Material: 100% Polyester

Size: One size fits most

Closure: Plastic Snapback design

Brand: Reebok

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Product Overview

UFC_Hats_Reebok_UFC 222_MMA_MMAGateway_Black_Event_Official Review Cyborg OrtegaSometimes I just like wearing a nice hat, I think we all do because it just feels comfortable and a good hat gives you shade in the summer, warmth in the winter and cover in the rain. So today we are reviewing one of the new UFC hats, to see if its cool or not – enter the Men’s Reebok Black UFC 222 Official Weigh-In Snapback Adjustable Hat.

Hats also can be great symbols of something we love, which is why the classic UFC logo on this hat is a really is stylish look for any MMA fan and symbolise the passion you have for the sport.

I like toughness in my hats as well and I’ve tried a few different hats through the years but this one is definitely up there for durability, which is cool because lets be honest the best fighters are usually very physically durable.

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The best parts of this hat

  1. Cool design – I’m not a fan of too many flashy bright colours when it comes to hats, I personally like my Black hats and when it comes to a UFC Hat nothing hits home like the UFC logo. So for me one of my favourite parts of this hat is its simple black colour with a simple raised embroidery UFC logo.

    UFC_Hats_Reebok_UFC 222_MMA_MMAGateway_Black_Event Official Review Cyborg Ortega

  2. Tough as the toughest fighter – the ability to last is so important in MMA, and in just the same way its always something that matters a lot to me when it comes to hats and clothing in general, I hate buying something then having to get a new one within a few months due to it wearing out so quickly. You wont have that problem with this hat, because although I haven’t had my hat long (less then a few weeks), I can just tell from its tough build with Polyester means that its gona still be good years from now, just like the toughest fighters will be.
  3. It’s Official – There’s something I like about anything being Official, it gives the item more prestige in my mind and means it can be relied on in a way because its the real deal, no cheap imitations. So when you wear this UFC hat, it does give you a satisfying feeling of having an authentic product directly from the UFC/Reebok fight gear collection.

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  • Its got a really structured fit, meaning that it is really naturally comfortable.
  • Great price point, because at $27.99 I think its affordable for most budget sizes.
  • Such a simple colour scheme and basic design, which some people might see as a negative, but for me I like this about the hat.
  • The material its made with is 100% Polyester, which ok is not the highest quality material, but its really durable and water resistant due to the nature of Polyester.
  • The high Crown design gives you that UFC royalty feeling while your wearing it!

    UFC_Hats_Reebok_UFC 222_MMA_MMAGateway_Black_Event_Official_Review Cyborg Ortega

  • Its a flat bill design, so if you a fan of flat bill hats then you will be happy with this hat.
  • Its a snapback closure and personally I love the variety of sizing with Snapback hats, because it literally means it can fit most peoples head sizes, from a 5 year old toddler to a 7ft tall giant man.
  • The Raised embroidery of the UFC logo is a really nice touch to make the letters and hat in general stand out more.
  • If you get the hat dirty its pretty easy to just wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Its the classic six panel construction with eyelets on each segment, which is nice because these little holes keep your head cool when your in a hot environment.
  • I’m an authentic person, so anything I wear I like to be the same and this hat is officially licensed directly from the UFC/Reebok, not a cheap copy on some market stall somewhere.
  • Its really an excellent present for a true UFC/MMA fan.


  • Some people love the Flat bill design hats, which is why I put this same point in the pros section, but for me I would have preferred if they had a curved bill design option at order.
  • Polyester is tough which is good, but i think they should have mixed in some natural materials like cotton or wool when making this hat.
  • Some people wont like the lack of colour variations.

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Fighting on the mind!

UFC_Hats_Reebok_UFC 222_MMA_MMAGateway_Black_Event Official Review Cyborg OrtegaSo that’s how it breaks down for me – when it comes down to UFC Hats, this Men’s Reebok Black UFC 222 Official Weigh-In Snapback Adjustable Hat is a really solid choice with some nice basic features and it’s generally a great stand out item in wardrobe for any true UFC Fan who always has fighting on the mind!

More positives then negatives I would say, so If you agree with me and you want to order yourself one of these hats, then you can do that right HERE.

That’s all for today folks, but before you go make sure you leave a comment or a question below as that helps the website a ton, its great for dialogue and gives direction for future posts.

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See you soon!

Marley Dawkins


    • Hi there, I got my hat from the UFCstore – if you make an order through this article then it will also come directly from the UFCstore.

      If you like the hat then you might also want a pair of Official UFC Gloves?

      Hope your having a good day!

  1. I agree that some of the categories are both pros and cons such as the color. For instance, some people do like to have a choice of color.
    I like the fact that you included images in your website when you were describing the hat because this helps someone like me who is a visual person be able to understand exactly what you are talking about.

    • Hi there, nice to see a new face here 🙂 its cool that you can see that some of the hats points are pros and cons depending on someones personality.

      If your thinking abut getting a UFC hat you might also want an awesome UFC Belt!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hey Marley
    Cool post. I also like the simple colours White on black just looks smart and uncluttered and the raised logo (looks beautifully embroidered too) lifts it to yet another dimension.
    I prefer the flat bill can see the sense in offering a curved bill. Surely they are limiting their market by not doing so.
    Keep up the great reviews

    • Hi Lawrence, glad you like the post and that you are a man that likes his smart simple colour schemes on hats 🙂 honestly I really love this UFC Hat, but a curved bill option would be awesome. Still got the flat bill one though 🙂

      Need some quality headgear for Wrestling? Check out this post.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. This is actually a really cool hat, I agree with you. A nice big logo, and classic black and white is never wrong 🙂 Everyone wears a cap at some point or other and why not have one that makes a statement? Looking cool and making a statement at the same time. I like it, nice post 🙂

    • Hey bro thanks for your feedback, glad you like the hat and this post, it is pretty bossing 🙂

      Have you seen this before? If your a Bruce Lee fan then you will love it!

      See you again!

  4. Hey MDthefirst,
    Great post! I’m a fan of the UFC and think that the hat is awesome! The price is reasonable and it looks like good quality. You can’t go wrong with the snapback style and the fact that it’s an official licensed UFC product makes it really cool! This would be a great gift idea!

    • Hi Marcus, glad you like the Hat it is one of my favourites and its definitely a great gift for any true MMA fan!

      Also if you like this then maybe you need a totally awesome UFC T-shirt

      Thanks for dropping by bro!

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