UFC Hawaii – When will it happen?

So if you paid attention to MMA in the past few years, you will have noticed that there is an increase in Hawaiian and Aloha_Stadium_Swap_Meet_(2853705205)_cliff__MMA_UFC_Hawaii_Tickets_Event Max Holloway BJ PennPolynesian fighters being successful in top promotions like the UFC. As a result of this, many people have asked – When will UFC Hawaii happen?

Well today at the MMAGateway, we are going to look at who are the best fighters in MMA who hail from Hawaii or Polynesian decent. Then we are going to look at how likely it is for the UFC to make their debut on the world famous island of Hawaii.

The Aloha stadium would be a great venue to put in the schedule for an event in Hawaii and in the past week current UFC Featherweight champion Max Holloway posted this tweet –

Now personally I agree wholeheartedly with Max Holloway, but as with anything the UFC owners will only make any event based on if they think they can make a good enough return from the market.

This is likely why it has taken so long for the UFC to have an event in Hawaii, so for a while perhas the owners didnt think they could make a good enough return form holding an event in Hawaii.

Because sure the 50th state is great for making coffee, having amazing volcano/mountain structures, being the most isolated population centre in the world and being a favourite for honeymooning couples – but how much do Hawaiian people really follow MMA?

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Whos the best Hawaiian Fighter right now?

Matt_Hughes_and_BJ_Penn_after_weigh-in_at_Arrowhead_Pond_of_Anaheim_(23_09_2006)_MMA_UFC_Hawaii_Tickets_Event Max Holloway BJ PennWell Hawaiian people have been showing a growing interest in the sport of MMA for some time now and understandably so – B.J. Penn for instance has long been considered the best fighter hailing from the Hawaiian islands, he was the catalyst to start the interest growing years ago.

But that was really in the old days of the UFC, around 10+ years ago – because now in 2018 there is one name that has emerged from the growing number of highly talented Hawaiian martial artists – Max Holloway.

The current undisputed UFC Featherweight champion Max “Blessed” Holloway is already being discussed in the discussion of greatest MMA fighters of all time from any country, let alone Hawaii alone.

The man is riding an amazing 12 fight win streak going back to 2013 when his last professional loss was against the mystical Conor McGregor – Holloway is also the only man in history to defeat legendary former champion Jose Aldo twice.

Max Holloway was greeted like a national hero in Hawaii upon his return after defeating Aldo to attain the Featherweight title back in 2017 and with him leading the line interest in MMA in Hawaii will inevitably only rise.

Look at this video which shows how excited the Hawaiian MMA fans were when Max Holloway returned home with Yancy Medeiros after claiming the UFC Featherweight championship back at UFC 212.

Also here’s some names of other fantastic current Hawaiian and Polynesian fighters that really should be on a UFC Hawaii card in the future –

  • Yancy Medeiros
  • Louis Smolka
  • Travis Browne
  • Brad Tavares
  • Russel Doane
  • KJ Noons
  • Frank Camacho
  • Rachael Ostovich
  • Jon Tuck
  • Mark Hunt
  • Robert Whittaker
  • Tyson Pedro

There are many, many other great fighters of Hawaiian/Polynesian decent which would also be good enough to compete on a UFC event in Hawaii, so its fair to say that MMA talent really is on the rise in these areas.

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So when will UFC Hawaii happen?

Aloha_Stadium_Swap_Meet_(2853705205)_cliff__MMA_UFC_Hawaii_Tickets_Event Max Holloway BJ PennWell we don’t have a firm date yet – however, the Hawaii Tourism Authority have announced in the past month that they plan on travelling to Las Vegas to meet with UFC president Dana White, to discuss holding an event at the 50,000 person Aloha Stadium in Halawa, Hawaii.

This is really positive news, and given what we have discussed today, I certainly hop that UFC Hawaii becomes a reality sooner rather then later.

UFC Russia took ages to crack, but we finally have an event pencilled for around September time 2018, Hawaii should be close after or maybe even before the UFC Russia event, then in the next few years we may also hear about a UFC Africa event at some point.

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Also if you want to see Max Holloway fight again before any UFC Hawaii event, then you can get tickets to watch him defend his title against former UFC Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar at UFC 222.

, See you again soon, Aloha!

Marley Dawkins


  1. Im patiently waiting for this myself. I’m half Hawaiian and have many family members over there. It would be a nice thing to behold for sure.

    • Hi Ted, ah man you will be so excited when a UFC event finally happens, then you can enjoy the whole card with friends and family! 🙂

      Also have you seen this Rashguard before? If your doing any grappling you will need one and Hayabusa is always top quality gear!

      Thanks for stopping by bro!

  2. I would love to see this I’ve been a long die-hard fan of the MMA since I can remember. I feel that this move would bring in more money, fighters, fans and some all positives for the sport and fanbase.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. If it does happen I don’t think it’ll be anytime soon though. They will have a lot of work to do and it makes take a year or two.

    • Hi James, Yeah your right man eventually this will happen and it will be good for the sports development – I think it should be done this year though really or early 2019 maybe and who knows I might bump into you at an event in beautiful Hawaii!

      Also have you seen this before? See you again soon!

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