UFC Jewelry – Men’s Khabib Nurmagomedov Eagle Pendant In 14K Gold Review – Style and Respect!

Product: Men’s Khabib Nurmagomedov Eagle Pendant In 14K GoldKhabib_Nurmagomedov_14k_gold_pendant_ufc_jewelry_review_MMA MMAGateway

Price: $1784.99

Best place to buy: ufcstore.com

Material: 100% 14kt Yellow Gold

Brand: Bixler’s

Shipping: $4.99 flat rate shipping and handling for as many items as you like.

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Product Overview

As a man sometimes you just need something that screams style and respect – so today we will be reviewing a really beautiful piece of UFC Jewelry which i was lucky to be able to get, which is the Men’s Khabib Nurmagomedov Eagle Pendant In 14K Gold.

Khabib is a true champion and he is fresh off his impressive UFC 229 UFC Lightweight title defence over Conor McGregor – if you saw this Khabib_Nurmagomedov_14k_gold_pendant_ufc_jewelry_review MMA MMAGatewayfight then you know how crazy it all was, it was the biggest ever UFC event, so commemorating it with some jewelry is nice.

I’ve always thought its not the jewellery that makes the man, its the man that makes the jewelry – never truer then with an Pendant like this. Because you can of course but this because you think it will make you look tough.

But I suggest you actually get tough first so that a pendant representing one of the best MMA fighters ever in Khabib Nurmagomedov doesn’t look out of place on you. In fact if your an excellent martial artist, especially in any Grappling or Wrestling based arts then this Pendant will suit you perfectly and will only give you a boost in general.

I only like quality too when it comes to Jewellery, yes Silver is cool but Gold will always be the big brother which is reflected in this pendants price as the chain and the pendant is all 100% Pure 14k Yellow Gold.

Then of course you need quality jewellers to make the item and a design that is classy and stylish. Your getting all that here with the pendant being made by the well reputed oldest Jeweller in America in Bixlers, and the Eagle design on one side of the pendant and “UFC Khabib” on the other is just so beautiful to me.

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Best Points with this Pendant

  1. Straight from one of the oldest and best – Now im no expert on Jewelry, but one thing I know is that Bixlers are literally the oldest Jeweller in the US which is saying something – they started in 1785! They are known for their quality and their speciality in making specifically sports Jewlery as they also create WWE, MLB, Nascar, Football teams, NHL and other sports jewellery. Because the company has really invested time into a nice wide variety of UFC Jewellery, its a joy to wear each item and we will definitely be covering more reviews on their UFC Jewelry.Khabib_Nurmagomedov_14k_gold_pendant_ufc_jewelry review MMA MMAGateway
  2. It’s Gold which is fitting for Khabib – If you had not heard of Khabib Nurmagomedov before UFC 229, then you no doubt have heard of him now after he impressively beat Conor McGregor in a MMA bout submitting him via rear naked choke to solidify his place as the UFC Lightweight champion and easily one of the most dominant fighters ever. So with this all being said Khabib really has had a golden undefeated MMA career standing at 26-0, so it makes sense that this Pendant must be in solid Gold, as it is.

  3. Just wearing it gives you a boost – Knowing the immense road, knowing how many great MMA fighters Khabib has had to beat in order to get to that last Conor McGregor fight, just wearing this pendant alone gives you a mental boost to not give in. That’s what I have found anyway – its like you look at it at certain parts of the day, think of Khabib’s journey and it makes me want to push that extra bit harder to make sure I am victorious in whatever I am doing – really tangible psychological boost.

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  • Well first off its 100% 14kt Yellow Gold, so you know you are buying real quality that maintains its value.Khabib_Nurmagomedov_14k_gold_pendant_ufc_jewelry_review MMA MMAGateway

  • Its all Handmade by Bixler’s who are the oldest Jewellers in America, who also specialise in  sports jewelry.

  • The craftsmanship of the pendant in general is phenomenal, with the Eagle on one side and UFC/Khabib on the other it really makes the Pedant stand out and gives a classy feel to it.

  • The graphics are engraved so you don’t need to worry about rubbing them off.

  • Its all officially licensed, so its nice to know when your wearing the pendant that it is genuine Bixler’s/UFC product.

  • Wearing this pendant really does give you a mental edge as I stated earlier.

  • There is a lot of different designs and styles available on UFCstore and if your more of a Conor fan you can even get a Conor McGregor version of the same pendant with a Tiger design.Khabib_Nurmagomedov_Conor_14k_gold_pendant_ufc jewelry review MMA MMAGateway

  • Getting it in solid gold is certainly fitting for such a dominant UFC champion as Khabib. 

  • Perfect Christmas or Birthday present for any true MMA and UFC fan.


  • No its definitely not cheap! Make sure you can afford the cost and remember as with anything in life – you get what you pay for. So a big price means big quality.

  • One small preference for me is i would have liked to have seen an engraved face of Khabib under his name, which would have given a cool “Khabib coin” feel to the pendant, but this is just a personal preference.

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Represent yourself with style and respect!

Khabib_Nurmagomedov_14k_gold_pendant_ufc_jewelry_review_MMA MMAGatewayUltimately if you are looking for some UFC Jewelry, then you should go for something that gives you style and gives you an aura of respect – you are gona get both of things with this Men’s Khabib Nurmagomedov Eagle Pendant In 14K Gold.

No MMA fighter currently garners more respect then Khabib Nurmagomedov, so you can carry his immense stature with you. No its not prefect, but at the moment this really is my favourite piece of MMA related Jewelry.

The longer Khabib can continue his undefeated MMA record then the more this Pendant will hold accumulating value through the years to come.

I personally only like wearing jewellery if its quality and this Khabib pendant really is – so if you are ready to get your order in for this now then you can do that right HERE.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post, so if you have then leave a comment or question below – don’t forget to like, share, subscribe and as always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

Stay cool!


Marley Dawkins

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