UFC Ring Girls – How do you feel about them? Sex and Fighting Sells

MMA_Gateway_hot_female_fighters_ufc_sexualisation_sport_6800px arianny celeste cropSo in the UFC and in combat sports in general, you will see attractive females like the UFC Ring Girls during fight week and in between rounds during the fight.

But how do you feel about them? Some people are huge fans of them, while others say they add nothing to the sport.

In today’s post at the MMGateway we are looking at this point in closer detail as well as looking at the history of Ring girls in the UFC.

No they don’t get in the cage and fight, but they are as much a part of the industry as anyone else involved in the sport today.

Lets have a closer look at the history here –

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Since the beginning

So who was the first UFC Ring Girl? Well right from UFC 1 there was attractive women being ring girls in the UFC – but it was at UFC 40 in 2002 when for the first time, the UFC had a recognised model at the time in Amber Nichole Clark  being the first ring girl.

In boxing Ring girls go back as early as the mid 1960’s, but Since Clark entered the UFC there has been many ring girls in the companies history, most notably – Rachelle Leah, Anne Rivera, Ali Sonoma, Edith Labelle, Logan Santon, Natasha Wicks, Holly Madison, Arianny Celeste, Chandella Powell, Brittany Palmer, Camilla Oliviera, Vanessa Hanson, Chrissy Blair, Jhenny Andrade, Luciana Andrade, Carly Baker, Red De La Cruz, Jamilette Gaxiola, Lee Ji Na, Eun Ji Ye and many others.

So the point I’m making here is that UFC Ring girls have been around since the beginnings of the sport, which means they have been around as long as the fighters themselves, and thus have been a part of the growth of MMA through the years no matter how you feel about them.

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They are sexually exploiting women

But how do you feel about t them? Many people say they are sexually exploiting women in combat sports and despite finding the ring girls as attractive as any heterosexual guy, I have to agree.

The UFC and fight promotions do sexually exploit, sexualise these young attractive women and they are feeding into sexism as many fans and activists have pointed out.

UFC owner Dana White has had his fair share of sexism claims thrown at him thrugh the years, he once famously said women would never fight in the UFC for instance and given his rocky marriage being no secret in the MMA media, as well as accusations of sleeping with many of the UFC ring girls, I can understand why some people dislike the ring girls being involved in the sport.

All of the UFC ring girls are professional models and literally get paid to take their clothes off and mentioning no names there are many that have ventured into pornography as well, which is an industry known for exploiting women.

However recently the concept of Ring boys for fights especially fights between female fighters has started to create steam in recent years – current MMA fighter Elias Theodorou for instance has been a ring boy at Invicta FC 28 recently.

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We love sex and violence

While I am opposed to any form of exploitation in 2018, we as MMA fans must accept the fact that the UFC and various fight promotions will continue to utilise Ring girls in fight week and inbetween rounds during the fight for the foreseeable future.

The reason for this is that the UFC owners know that nothing sells in terms of entertainment better then sex and violence because of how we as humans are programmed.

Competition is something that designed into our human nature, we accept and we get a euphoric high from competing and winning in everything we do, so we easily can become addicted to watching teams or individuals battle in some athletic undertaking –  fighting in MMA is the purest form of this in terms of sport as far as im concerned.

Then in between rounds during the fight you literally can hear the reaction in the crowd to the ring girls, especially from the male parts of the audience, providing eye candy for our other natural pre-programmed addiction as a species which is sex.

I do not see UFC Ring girls going anywhere anytime soon, so you better get used to them if you are a fan of the sport of MMA, because generally speaking they are proven to help sell fight events currently.

Any let me know how you feel about UFC Ring girls below in the comments box and as always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

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Marley Dawkins


  1. Hi Marley,
    My opinion on such matters was completely flipped on its head when I watched an interview with the F1 grid girls a few days after they had been unceremoniously sacked from the job they seemed to love.
    The grid girls were on camera with a staunch feminist who have spearheaded the campaign to have them removed from the sport.
    The grid girls did a good job of convincing me that if we are ever going to have a free society, one in which people get to really be equal and not judged on their gender then going down the road of a nanny state with more and more legislation just shift the a free egalitarian and just society toward totalitarianism. Not the country I want to live in.
    It may not be a real big deal on their own if grid girls or ring girls or any sort of promo girls get mandated out of their jobs but it is a slippery slope that has led to things like men not being allowed into birthing suites to see the birth of their own baby. Reason being claimed as generic male violence and exploitation.
    I reckon a lot of women complain about them because they are jealous of the attention.

    • Hi Remy, wow that’s some deep social and political statements a lot of which i agree with – because like you say removing ring girls from the sport of MMA would only be an unnecessary step towards a dictatorship, but some would say its a good thing to not sexually glamorise these women.

      I personally believe they have there place, but read this post as it really delves further into this sensitive issue.

      Thanks for your support!

  2. I think that ring girls are great for the sport! I don’t think their being sexually exploited, yes they barely have clothes on but you could see the same thing at the beach. They are not stripping and as long as the sex between them and the owner or anyone in the arena for that matter is consensual…then its not a problem to me. That kind of thing could happen and does happen anywhere. I could be wrong but I think most of the audience both live and globally is probably male and most males that watch this sport Im sure much rather see beautiful women holding up the signs then buffed up men.
    Just my thoughts.

    • Yeah I agree Isaac, I’m just bringing clarity to the fact that some people don’t like ring girls being involved in the sport – most guys definitely would say seeing a women in between rounds is nice, but some would say for instance that why do the women need to be wearing such tiny outfits? But Im with you, as long as everything is consenting I don’t see a huge issue.

      By the way have you seen this Gi before? It’s one of my favourites.

      See you round bro!

  3. Hey Marley,
    It’s true sex and violence sells. It’s like the cheerleaders in every basketball game or boxing match or music vids. It’s all about the ratings. They seem not to mind being ‘exploited’ provided you get good pay. It’s the American dream, am just saying!

    • Hey bro, yeah I hear you man – yeah sex and violence together naturally sell well and yes the ring girls don;t seem to mind – but some fans don’t like the sexuality and their clothing for instance – some have said it would be better to have like a mini women’s fashion show in between rounds, where the emphasis is on cool clothing and supporting marital arts instead of just sex.

      By the way do you need a good present for a UFC fan? Dude check these out!

      Take it easy man!

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