UFC Wikipedia – What else do you need other then the MMAGateway?

UFC_Wikipedia_UFC1_MMA Royce. Gracie MMAGatewayNow it might nit be something you want all the time, but when you want some specific information about the UFC and its fighters/owners/historical events etc – then its nice to have a UFC Wikipedia.

Sherdog is one of my favourite sites for looking up fighters records specifically and for MMA related news I really like mmafighting which gives the quickest breaking news in the industry from my perspective.

Wikipedia will give you a great pool of information for anything in the world, so the UFC and MMAs creation is no different – but its nice to have a website tailored to MMA fans that has a Wikipedia feel to it, for being a portal of accurate information of how we have got to 2018 in the world of MMA from its original inception 25 years ago.

If you need the history of The UFC or information on the first ever UFC event then Look here, or you can carry on and look at those pages later to see where the UFC came from.

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Enter the Gateway

So for the history, for a real UFC Wikipedia you need look no further then the MMAGateway! Because that is really what we aim to do here is giving MMA fans everything they need to know about in the UFC, but its not just the UFC as we also aim to give people a complete education on MMA in general from all the top fight promotions from around the world!UFC_Wikipedia_UFC1_MMA_Royce. Gracie MMAGateway

Already since this websites creation, I have already been incredibly satisfied with the growth of the information available in the search bar of the website. I can safely saw that MMAGateway.com really is up there as one of the best learning resources out there for the true MMA fan.

Not only will you get all the historical facts as they happened in MMA, you also get all the information on upcoming big MMA events and how to get tickets – you also you can buy great products that we review, these products will only work to improve your training on the whole –

Also moving forward there will be more of the same content coming through this website, but there will also be the addition of more podcasts/videos/forums and a further enhancement of the website quality/user experience.

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What more can MMA fans ask for?

A website that literally puts Wikipedia to shame for the sheer scale of MMA related information we have already developed at the MMAGateway a genuine UFC Wikipedia.

UFC_Wikipedia_UFC1_MMA_Royce._Gracie MMAGateway Bruce LeeIt’s thanks to all of you great MMA fans out there who’s continual interaction and support of this website, truly warms my heart and really charges my already pounding passion for covering MMA – you reading this, whoever you are, wherever you are I just want you to know that you are amazing! Your the best around! And you can make all of your dreams come true just like me!

There’s always some new big news, so myself Marley and everyone at the MMAGateway will continue to update this website until our last breathe in this world, because this is my purpose in life – to educate on specific fields, like MMA and life in general so you can get the info you need when you need it, I am here to help you with that no matter what.

Once I am gone someone else will takeover the Gateway, because this website is organic, MMAGateway is made by the people, for the people, so the gateway will be here as long as human life exists on Planet Earth.

If you like what you read, if you find this website to be an informative and helpful resource, if you want to continue to see more MMA content moving forwards then make sure you like, share, subscribe, leave questions, comments and as always stay tuned for more from the world of MMA right here at the MMAGateway.

Thanks for reading!

Marley Dawkins


  1. Holy crap, only $499 and I can have my very own UFC belt huh? lol, wow. I guess putting wikipedia to shame is something, I don’t personally know a lot about MMA, but I sure do like to watch it on UFC. It is cool that you dedicate the site and all the work to everyone who is interested in it, that is cool. Not letting it die out after you are gone, which hopefully won’t be for quite some time, right? Anyway, keep it up and don’t stop, git it git it

    • Yeah exactly bro! Small price to pay to have an official replica UFC Belt! Maybe you will start watching MMA more consistently, but yeah MMAGateway is the worldwide Hub of MMA history from my perspective, there is no UFC event that you cannot research on here!

      But no i don’t plan on dying anytime soon anyway lol. By the way do you need a new Hat right now?

      Thanks for the feedback bro!

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