Venum Boxing Gloves – Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review – Put the Venom in your punches!

Product: Venum Elite Boxing Glovesven-blackredwhite 1_MMA_UFC_MMAGateway_Venum_Elite_Boxing_Gloves Review

Price: $79.99 (USD)

Best place to buy: MMAwarehouse.com

Colour: 6 options – Black/Red/White, Grey, White, Black, White/Black, White/Red/Black.

Sizes: 10-16 Ounces

Material: Skintex Semi leather construction/Triple density foam.

Closure: Velcro, Large Hook and Loop enclosure with elastic.

Shipping: Standard shipping is $6.95, orders over $49 ship for free within America – for international shipping costs varies depending on your location.

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Product Overview

ven-whiteredblack_MMA_UFC_MMAGateway_Venum_Elite_Boxing Gloves ReviewSo when we are talking about getting a solid pair of boxing gloves, you need something that will give you excellent support, comfort, protection, durability and good pricing so today we are looking at a solid pair of Boxing gloves that I sometimes use in the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves.

Now I’m not gona lie to you, these gloves are not perfect which is why they don’t have a 10 out of 10, but they are close to perfect and ultimately they give me everything I need to be able to focus on my boxing techniques, enhance the venom in my punches and my overall boxing game in general.

Now while there might be some slightly better gloves out there for performance and price, as far as style points go, I think that these gloves are the best in the industry.

Sure I’m a bit biased with Venum products because I like snakes, and so the Venum logo always seems more bad ass then most MMA logos and they always have good colour variations on the training equipment they offer.

Watch this video to look at the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves in closer proximity –

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The Top 3 parts of these Venum Elites

    1. So Stylish – I know this is not your main concern when your looking to get a good pair of boxing gloves to use on bags or in sparring, but I just really need to highlight the style here – for me most of Venumsven-grey 1_MMA_UFC_MMAGateway_Venum_Elite Boxing Gloves Review products get a +1 for style points over most MMA and Boxing equipment brands I feel. While the guy in the video above states there is only two colours, since he made that video there is now over 6 different colour variations, meaning you can tailor the stylish design to the rest of your training equipment, also the Venum logos are embossed on the cuffs which is another nice touch.
    2. Awesome wrist supports  – for me these gloves have some of the best wrist support of any gloves I have tried. There’s no laces, which I prefer because I’ve never been a fan of fiddling around with laces on my gloves. The wrist support is closed with velcro and its really long as well, meaning that these gloves essentially protect not only your hands and wrists, but also the start of your forearms, which makes the gloves feel more secure and helps a lot with parrying and defensive work in the ring – remember I’m 5 ft8 I walk around at about 135 pounds, but I have a training partner that is 6 ft 3 and over 200 pounds and these Venum gloves fit all sizes so they fit us both really well.
    3. Good padding and very breathable – The padding is no joke, I’m not saying its the best padding I’veven-whiteblack3_MMA_UFC_MMAGateway_Venum_Elite Boxing Gloves Review used on boxing gloves before because its not, but its up there. It uses a triple density foam, and also extends the padding to the palm which again is great for parrying, defensive work and general shock absorption. Having good padding means your less likely to have hand injuries, or injure your training partner, but in my experience the gloves have to be breathable to o with the great padding, and that what your getting here with the Venum Elite Boxing gloves -Flat out I think these gloves have the best ventilation of any gloves in the industry, as there is a mesh under the fist, as well as additional ventilation on the thumb,this enables you to regulate your temperature better, keeping your hands nice and cool in the heat of battle, and the ventilation helps a lot with keeping them smelling fresh too.


  • These gloves have really good strengthened seams, which just means your not gona get any annoying fraying material at the seams which helps to keep the gloves long-lasting.ven-white 2ven_MMA_UFC MMAGateway Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review
  • As I mentioned in the section above, the specific mesh panel placed under the fist gives amazing thermal regulation, and like I say I actually think they give the best ventilation of the majority of gloves in the industry.
  • Because the ventilation is so good, it also helps to keep the gloves smelling fresh for longer so those hard work out smells wont linger straight away!
  • The triple Density foam is really good, its not perfect and I have used gloves with better padding, but its still really good, and I love the reinforced palm which helps a lot with protecting your hands, doing defensive drills, giving solid absorption across the board.
  • There is a 100% full attached thumb for a better injury prevention, which is standard for a good pair of gloves.ven - whiteblack 1ven-black 1ven-white 2_MMA_UFC_MMAGateway_Venum_Elite_Boxing Gloves Review
  • Easy to open and close with no annoying laces, velcro, a large hook and loop enclosure with elastic – really easy to put the  gloves on, vary the tightness, and to take the gloves off.
  • The long cuffs are fantastic, definitely one of the best parts of the gloves in general, because the gloves will secure right at the top of your forearms which improves wrist protection and again helps with defensive work.
  • Really nice embossed Venum Logo (3D touch) on each boxing cuff, which is a nice touch.
  • Handmade in Thailand, which is always indicative of good striking equipment!
  • Style is off the charts, just to look at these gloves are the best in the industry from my perspective.ven-black 1ven-white 2_MMA UFC MMAGateway Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review


  • The price point is not the best, its pretty high so if your on a tight budget these gloves might not be the ones for you.
  • Sure a lot of MMA and boxing gear is made with Skintex semi leather materials, but I do know some fighters that are a bit picky with this and would only use 100% premium leather.
  • They are not uncomfortable, but I have tried more comfortable gloves on in the past, so if comfort is your main concern, then stay tuned for some different glove options in future reviews.

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Get some venomous intent!

When you think of the word Venom what do you think of? Personally I think of 4 things – the MMA fighter Michael ven-whiteblack1_MMA_UFC_MMAGateway_Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review“Venom” Page, the Marvel super villain Venom, dangerous snakes and excellent quality fight gear!

Ultimately Venum are a huge name in the MMA and fight gear industry, so the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are a nice choice for beginners and while maybe they are not perfect for professionals, they are still really good for pros as well.

By now you will have made your mind up about if you want to get a pair of these gloves or not, if not then I still hope you have found today’s review informative.

But if you are ready to take some action and you want to get a pair of these gloves right now then you can do that right HERE at one of the best MMA and fight gear websites.

That’s all for today folks, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe – if you have any comments or questions just drop them below and of course stay tuned for more of the best product reviews right here at the MMAGateway.


Marley Dawkins


  1. Thanks for providing this post Marley! My brother is really into boxing and I watch it with him when there are big fights on but other than that I do not know much about boxing. His birthday is coming up and I wanted to buy him some boxing gloves so thank you very much for providing the pros and cons especially for people like me who aren’t devoted boxing lovers. Very helpful post!

    • Hi Becca, thanks for dropping in today always nice to see a new person here! Glad you like these gloves and my review, and I always like to hear family members watching fights together 🙂 so if your brother loves Boxing and you want to get him some gloves for his birthday, then flat out these Venum Elites are a really solid choice.

      But you might also want to look at these gloves as well, because Hayabusa always do good gloves.

      Any questions feel free to ask, see you around!

  2. Thanks for providing this post Marley! My brother is really into boxing and I watch it with him when there are big fights on but other than that I do not know much about boxing. His birthday is coming up and I wanted to buy him some boxing gloves so thank you very much for providing the pros and cons especially for people like me who aren’t devoted boxing lovers. Very helpful post!

  3. I can see that you made a good emphasis that a boxing glove should be well made in order for fighters to focus on the training and not be distracted from any discomfort. Yes, I have worn a bad pair of gloves which made me hesitant to punch strongly. But I guess I was opting for a cheaper option since, I just want to try boxing for fun. Yeah, your right, it is kinda pricy for those who are trying mma beginner level to get this kind of glove.

    • Hi Raymond, yes your right gloves that are uncomfortable can cause hesitation, which can be the difference between landing a big shot, or getting hit by a big shot yourself. These Venum Elites are nice a smooth feeling on the hands from my perspective, I have tried a few that are a bit better, but many gloves that are way worse.

      If your thinking of boxing but your concerned about expensive priced equipment, then stay practical in your budget – try some cheaper equipment like these Hand wraps or these gloves.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi! Very useful post!! I like boxing world and I have trained in MMA for a year. I really like all the information you provide about Venum Boxing Gloves, with pros, cons and most of all a place where to purchase them!!
    I really like the video too!! Really great job!! Veru useful and simple!

    • Hey Nik, good to see you here again! Glad that your training is stepping up, so yeah if your into some serious sparring at the moment or lots of hard bag work, then these Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are great.

      Make sure you have some quality boxing mitts to work with, and also if your grappling make sure you have a good rashguard!

      Thanks for your support bro!

  5. This sounds like a terrific glove! In particular, I like the ventilation structure, it would really keep my hands comfortable whether I’m practicing on a bag, with a sparring partner or in an actual event. I also really like the wrist support. The way it not only protects my wrists but also spreads the force into my lower arm which gives me the best protection.

    • Hi Sheila, yeah your right these Venum boxing gloves are amazing, like you point out ventilation, comfort, great wrist supports and more are all here in these gloves.

      I think you might also like these posters and this Rashguard.

      See you again soon!

    • Hey Chris, cool man glad you liked this review, I really do like these Venum gloves and yes I have heard of Minotaur before, so maybe I will take you up on that offer sometime, so thanks for sharing it here!

      By the way what do you think about this Century Wavemaster freestanding Bag? I have one at home and love working on it, maybe you could try it 🙂

      See you again bro!

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