Venum Jiu Jitsu Gi – Limited Edition Venum Absolute Koi Review

Product: LIMITED EDITION VENUM ABSOLUTE KOI BJJ GImma gateway venum absolute koi gi jiu-jitsu

Price: Look right HERE

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

Size: A1.5-A4

Colour: Blue/White

Guarantee: Standard 30 days return policy

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10




Comfort and style mixed with strength and durability is the overall experience I have whenever I put on this Limited Edition Venum Absolute Koi BJJ Gi. Also just like the venomous snake head that Venum use for their logo, it just makes you feel like a bad ass that’s ready to squeeze and constrict your opponent into submission when your about to step onto the mat.

mma gateway venum_absolute_koi gi jiu-jitsuHaving quality equipment really is a massive key to achieving your goals as a martial artist, and I’ve seen a few different Gis around, I literally spent hours and days looking for the right first gi. There were plenty of cheaper options around, but I thought to myself  – why buy a crappy cheap Gi, that could rip or fall apart in a short time? Or maybe I will just want to get a better Gi if I get a cheap one.

So I wanted to start my BJJ journey with my emphasis being on the word QUALITY and as soon as I got this Absolute Koi Gi in the post, and put it on, I knew straight away that this really is a top of the line Gi.

Now if your rushing and you need a quick closer look on this Gi, then watch this video of the standard Venum Absolute Gi. But remember when you watch this that as good as the standard Venum Absolute Gi is, the limited edition Absolute Koi that i am reviewing today is even better then this –

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mma gateway venum absolute koi gi jiu-jitsuIf you have passion for MMA, then at some point in your life will want to get used to all forms of martial arts, and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) is one of the best bases for an MMA fighter to have, and today I will be reviewing the TOP Venum Ji Jitsu Gi  – the Venum Absolute Koi.

So lets get started – now I’m not a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, and I will never claim to be without attaining that honour through hard work. I do not actually have a belt in Jiu-Jitsu, but what I do know is that thanks to my shoot fighting experience, my understanding of BJJ positions and my general adaptable martial arts base, I have tapped out a BJJ blue belt during rolling in the gym (even though he tapped me out a few times before i caught him!).

Now this BJJ blue belt is still my friend to this day, and he was the person that convinced me to buy this Venum Absolute Koi Jiu-Jitsu Gi in the first place.


Koi are a common type of carp fish which you will find in a variety of gardens in a lot of countries, but within Japanese culture the symbology of the Koi directly means love and friendship, and if you know anything about mma gateway venum absolute koi gi jiu-jitsumartial arts, then you will understand that the bonds you make are lifelong bonds, so the Koi is an adequate symbol to have on a martial arts Gi of any background.

So I really like the Koi fish design on the back, which is a beautiful subtle change to the evil looking snake head of the Venum logo – Also just wait till you see how AWESOME the inside of this Gi looks 🙂

But my favourite parts of this Limited Edition Venum Absolute Koi are actually split – because while I love the Koi fish design on the back and inside, I also really just love the durability and quality of this Gi – my blue belt friend has had his for around 4 years, and that’s while using it 1-3 times a week for training, and every few months for competitive events – he only said to me a few months ago that he doesn’t think he will ever need another Gi.

Every time I put my Venum Absolute Koi on, I kind of feel bulletproof because of how thick and quality the materials are, so that is also one of my favourite parts about it 🙂

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Well lets be honest everything in this world has pros and cons, so lets get into the pros and cons of the Limited Edition Venum Absolute Koi –


  • Its designed so well, everything about it from the design to how it feels when you wear it and when you start training in it – it just has that top of the line car feel about it.
  • Its made from 100% Cotton, which is rare nowadays for any item of clothing, but is a part of why it is so durable. There is plenty of Gis out there that are made of much less quality then the Koi.
  •  The Jacket being 450 gsm (Grams per Square Meter) with rounded, reinforced slots also just adds to the durability of this Gi.
  • It just looks so damn cool! From the classic Venum design logos, to the beautiful and rare Koi fish design on the back and on the inside of the Gi, just makes it that much more unique and better to look at.mma_gateway_venum_absolute koi gi jiu-jitsu
  • The optimal moisture management system of this Gi is brilliant, I was sweating for hours in mine the other day, but it just soaks up the sweat efficiently, so I can still maintain a solid grip with any submission techniques.
  • The pants are 250 gsm Ripstop, with reinforced stitching at the inside of the leg and ankle circumference, which again just enhances the toughness of this Gi overall.
  • Ultra fast clamping system by rope, which makes fastening up the Gi very quick and simple.
  • This Gi is pre shrunk, meaning it really isn’t going to shrink much when you wash it, so the Gi will stay fitting like a glove for a longtime, so it has a very exclusive feeling tight frame to it.
  • The range of sizes from A1-A4 gives an excellent variety – if your a smaller athlete like me (5ft 8′ and 135 pounds) then either the A1 or A1.5 will be perfect. Personally I went with the A1.5, which gives me some room for the very slight shrinking (which is unlikely as it is preshrunk and my friends has hardly shrunk at all in 4 years) that may occur through the years.
  • The backpack/lightweight cotton bag that the Gi comes in is awesome.
  • The Collar is made with EVA soft foam, which is really good for impact absorption.


  • Ok I guess it has to be said that this Gi isn’t cheap, which some will see as a Con – but for me I always prefer to go with the more expensive option because I know that the durability and thus the last ability will be better then a cheaper version.
  • I really wish Venum did an all black and an all white version of this Gi – I think only the one option in white and blue isn’t good for giving customers variety – but because the blue/white design works so well, I can forgive Venum for not releasing other versions of this Gi.


mma gateway venum absolute koi gi jiu-jitsuUltimately it is unanimous, the Limited Edition Venum Absolute Koi Jiu-Jitsu Gi has everything you need to start your BJJ journey, or to take your endeavours to the next level. Whether your looking to compete professionally, or just wanting to develop your BJJ skills as a hobby, this Gi cannot be beaten for quality in the industry.

Venum are such a well respected MMA/BJJ fight apparel/equipment company, and the Koi is without question Venums best Gi – and if you don’t believe me when I say that, then ask the Venum founders Jean-François Bandet and Franck Dupuis yourself – they will also tell you straight that while they have many great Gi’s, the Absolute Koi is without question the best BJJ Gi that Venum has to offer, and you can pick yours up right HERE

And don’t forget in the future I will be posting reviews on the top quality equipment from every martial arts discipline, as well as ongoing reviews on MMA related products.

Any comments, questions or feedback then post something below, and thanks for your time.


Marley Dawkins


  1. Awesome review about the GI, I’m a martial artist myself and I also have about 3 years Gracie Jiu Jitsu experience now, You are so right that the type of Gee makes training definitely more worthwhile and I’m really considering buying the Venum, if not now then definitely in the future, because good GI’s means better quality of training, I enjoyed your post, thanks for the great article my friend!

    • Hi Mark, thanks for your feedback – with 3 years Jiu-Jitsu experience you must be developing well within the art. But yes when yoru looking for a new Gi, this Venum Absolute Koi is an awesome choice!

  2. Marley,

    I am really psyched I found your website Mmagateway and I appreciate you’re Venum Jiu Jitsu Gi review.
    I am in NY and we were the last state to legalize MMA, now they can have MMA Bouts at Madison Square Garden!
    Thanks for the great review and tips, I will be looking forward to more from your site, my best,

    • Hi Gary, thanks for your support! Yes this Gi is top of the line 🙂 and yeah its been a longtime coming getting MMA legalised in NY – but after UFC 205 broke those barriers, there should plenty more great MSG cards coming in the future 🙂

  3. What a great review. I’m stoked to pick one up the Christmas season. I love this website. Keep the reviews coming

  4. Like Mark, I also have a few years of BJJ experience. Venum has always been my brand of choice when it came to fighting shorts and rash guards. I’ve seen quite a bit of Gi’s in my time…and I must say…this Gi looks badass!!!

    I’ve been looking for a newer Gi but it hasn’t been a huge priority list. I’m really glad I stumbled across this website. I’m book marking it and hopefully when I return I’ll be purchasing it after the Holidays. =)

    • Hi Nick, awesome that you are serious about BJJ, well you know where to come to get yourself a new Gi in the new year 🙂

      Thanks for your support!

  5. Like a few of the guys on here, I too have a few years of training in BJJ and some other arts. Venum has always been my “goto” supplier of martial arts equipment. I picked up the Venum Absolute Koi about 2 weeks back, and once again I was very impressed with it, the quality is second to none. I have used it approx 8 times and washed it twice. I can concur that it doesn’t shrink. It is by far the most comfortable and well reinforced Gi I have worn. Venum really pulled through with this Gi.
    Great review Marely. Very accurate and to the point.

    • Hi Nathan, great to hear you know how good the Koi is as well, like you say Venum has some of the best equipment in the industry for years, and they really pulled an ace card with this Gi.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  6. Hi MDthefirst, a really well constructed review with plenty of infrmation to make an informed decision about LIMITED EDITION VENUM ABSOLUTE KOI BJJ GI. Was amazed at the price but I guess this is standard for this type of wear. How do I know if it compares well against similar products? Do you have any other reviews coming up? Chris

    • Hi Chris, thanks for your feedback, and yes its a great priced Gi, this is considered one of the top Gis in the industry, and yes stay tuned there will be more reviews coming in teh future 🙂

  7. hey this gi is on sale right now on venum website for 40% off so the price came down to 131.99 and free shipping…however limited size is avaliable

  8. Sweet Gi. The flexibility that this offers seems like it will help give the upper hand on the mat. The inside of the Gi is awesome! Even though that does not affect your abilities in the ring I still think that is awesome! I would also love the moisture management when in the middle of a long match.

    • Yeah trust me Austin this Gi is amazing, like you pointed out the flexibility and inside design is excellent, as well as the moisture management, which if you sweat a lot like me is very handy! 🙂

      If your looking to train your grappling then check out this great piece of training equipment.

      See you again!

  9. I have to say, this Gi looks pretty badass.

    I also agree with you about prioritising quality over pricing. Sure, no one wants to waste money, but this sounds like a very well-made product, and if it lasts as well as your mate’s one has so far, then you’ll probably end up saving money on the long run.

    And yeah, an all-black one would look pretty awesome 😉 Hopefully Venum will expand the colour options at some point.

    • Hi Al, yeah this  Venum Absolute Koi is a truly stand out GI in the market, so its worth the extra price over lesser Gis.

      But yeah black one please Venum!

  10. I am actually considering doing Jiu Jitsu with a friend. We are wanting to do the class for exercise and for self defense. I personally like to have a quality garment on, and sometimes the extra dollars spent is well worth it, as it will outlast any cheap article you buy. Since we are just starting this class (we have not went and signed up yet), will we be required to have a gi on the first day? Also, do the sizes run pretty standard (I mean if I generally where a medium, would I order a medium), or do I need to go up a size for comfort and being able to move around?

    • Hi there, well that’s great news that your starting Jiu-Jitsu soon! Are you dong Gi or no Gi classes? Even if you are doing Gi, i suggest getting a cheaper option for your first Gi from the gym you go to, but as soon as you get a blue belt – it goes with this Venum Absolute Koi VERY well 🙂

      Also once you start doing live fight no Gi rounds in the future, make sure you have a good mouthguard.

      Good luck with your new training, let me know how it goes! And see you again!

  11. Great looking website. The gi is one of the most important thing a martial artist needs to obtain for his training needs. Cheap, flimsy gis wear out faster, look cheap and usually shrink.
    Back in the 70’s and 80’s, when I studied, We would buy the cheap ones for beginning white belts. This would work for them until they made a decision to practice the martial arts on a regular basis.
    For people who wanted a better piece of apparel we bought the heavier duty canvas type usually from a company called Tokaido. these are the types that really snap when you punch or kick.
    a good heavy duty gi should last for years or decades.

    • Hey buddy, yeah your right a quality Gi is needed for any serious martial artist and Jiu-Jitsu must be taken seriously.

      Have you seen this Rashguard? Its great to wear under your Gi, so you can switch to Gi and no Gi grappling.

      See you again!

  12. Finding martial arts uniforms on sites like yours is quite a nostalgic time for me.I use to do Tae kwon do way back in the 70s and 80s using the basic karate suits but now they are more up to date.These Jui Jitsu suits really are the in thing and if i was a young man again i would be right back in.

    • Hi Andrew, yeah I hear you man, i get that with things as well – when i see certain wraps, Gis, rashguards, pads etc it always brings back memories for me 🙂

      Well your never too young to add a new tool set bro, and you can go at your own pace in any training remember that –  you should also have a look at this. if your thinking about training again.

      See you again!  

  13. I’ve a doubt,does this Gi is legal in competition? Great review tho,greetings from 2018.

    • Hello my friend, thanks for your comment – no for the bigger tournaments like IBJJF you have very strict guidelines for what Gis you can wear. From what a training partner told me, because the collar on this Venum Koi Gi is different to the top and because the pants and top are different colours, then it wasn’t permitted for him to wear at IBJJF.

      However for smaller tournaments with more relaxed rules you can definitely get away with it – also if you’re one of the best at Gi Jiu-Jitsu in your gym, then it will make you stand out on the mats 😉

      Also have you had a look at this rashguard before? Its a nice one. So are these Fuji BJJ Belts.

      Hope you’ve had a great day and holiday celebrations!

      Speak again sometime!

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