When was your first fight? Make sure you prepare yourself and your children for any situation

600px-Street_fight_Ernie_MMA_Martials Arts Prepare Stable PacifyWhen was your first fight? I don’t care who you are, or how perfect your life apparently is, everyone has their first time for engaging in a physical confrontation of some kind, it is unfortunately just a part of how we have been geared as human beings.

Weather you are rich or poor, young or old, at some point in your time here on Earth you will find yourself in a situation where physical aggression is occurring either to you, or someone or something around you that forces you to act.

Can you remember the first time you felt the blood boiling? Then you lashed out at that person, either in self-defence, or openly starting the conflict. You were probably very sloppy with your movements more just throwing your limbs at the other person without any real knowledge of what you are doing because your caught up in that emotion.

You don’t want that to happen, and you definitely don’t want your children to experience that, and life has a strange habit of throwing curve balls when we least expect it, so lets make sure we are all prepared for the worst case scenario.

Realise the power of Martial Arts

Now what I want to highlight here, is the dangers of all that emotional build up into a physical conflict if you are not 480px-thumbnail_Fight_Martial Arts_MMA_Calm Subdue Self-defencetrained from a young age in martial arts and live fire exercises. Because the whole point of learning martial arts is to learn how to fight so you don’t need to fight, and so you don’t get lost in that emotional spiral if any confrontation ever happens in your life – Martial arts helps to ground people.

Through martial arts people learn to not begin the conflict, to always be brave enough to walk away, but be aware of the conflict, and when there is no way to avoid it do not fear it, defend yourself if you are attacked with a focus on pacification, not emotional violence, just subduing the attack in a stable manner so that you can remove yourself from the situation.

If you have not been trained in martial arts growing up, you will find that when a potential physical confrontation arise in your life, you will get lost in the emotions that come in combat – and from this starting point you will only hurt someone, hurt yourself or both.

Do not let that happen to you.

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Passing on the arts to our children

MartialArtStaff2_Kowloonese_Martial Arts_Children Self-defence MMAIf you haven’t been in any martial arts gyms in the world then you wont know, but children who learn martial arts from a young age develop a humble nature and a basis understanding of honour and respect, and within that it enables them to be confident in their life as they grow.

Also in the world we live in today, it would be nice if we didn’t have to be concerned about anything happening to harm our children, but unfortunately at the moment in the world child abuse is a rife issue, that we cannot be ignorant too.

So as parents its our responsibility to make sure that our children are taught a martial art as a part of our own parental curriculum, because when something happens and I am not there, I have to know that my child is armed with the ability to pacify an attacker and remove themselves from any situation.

But before you can pass anything on you need to make sure you have the knowledge to pass on in the first place, and any real parent knows that the home is the true temple of education for kids, not the schooling system.

So if your a parent and your not familiar with martial arts, then you need to start some basic training now, then enrol your children in a class, so that you can physically grow with them.

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Marley Dawkins


  1. Even though I do not necessarily agree with violence combating violence it is something that occurs very ofter. You cannot talk yourself out of every situation.

    I agree that getting yourself into martial arts not only help when these situations arise but also teaches discipline and character which last you for a lifetime!

    How do you feel about the glamorization of Martial Arts and do you think it has negatively effected what Martial Arts is supposed to be?

    • Hi Mo, yes your right and thats what martial arts teaches people – to never engage in combat unless it is a last resort to defend yourself or your friends/family.

      Like you point out there are physical and psychological benefits to learning Martial Arts.

      But yes glamorisation of the fighting elements of martial arts, and some of the seedy promotional stunts by some fight promoters definitely do leave a bad mark on peoples perception of Martial Arts, but at the same time more exposure means more people learning things to improve their lives.

      Look at this post where i expose the sexualisation that has been happening in MMA in recent years.

      Come back again sometime! 

  2. I understand now why my sister enrolled my niece in Taekwondo. It is for my niece to learn how to protect and control herself. I protested when I heard it as it is very physical and my niece may get muscular! Your article is such an eye opener. I hope more parents will become aware of the importance of Martial Arts and have their kids be enrolled.

    • Hi Alex, yes your sister is clearly a good mum 🙂 but yes its easy to jump the gun thinking that something bad could happen with such physical training, but actually Martial Arts only serves to empower people.

      Also If you ever want to try to learn some new martial arts from the comfort of your home, then look at my post here. 

      Thanks for stopping by!

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