When will GSP return? – The time is now – so who will be his first opponent?

MMA_Gateway_Georges_St-Pierre_crop_GSP UFC Return Bad intentionz So around a week ago, everyone in the MMA community finally had an answer to a question that has been banded around for years  – “When will GSP return?” we got the answer by hearing the news that the legendary former UFC Welterwight champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre has finalised a deal to return to the UFC.

It has been 4 years since we last saw the Canadian superhero in the octagon, when he beat Johnny Hendricks in a title bout at UFC 167. It was a tough split decision and a lot of people believe GSP lost that fight, and judging just based on damage done at the end of the bout it was hard to disagree with.

Personally I have always had the opinion that you have to really beat the champion via KO or Submission to truly become the champion, so at the time I had no problem with GSP getting the nod in that bout. The Hendricks fight was his 12th title defence in a row spanning across 6 years, and when you consider that most fighters in the UFC struggle to even have a 5 fight unbeaten streak against mid tier opponents, it really highlights how good GSP was in his prime.

Will he be this dominant in his return? who knows but if your new to GSP fights, or you just want a reminder of his awesomeness, then here’s a little highlight reel of his best moments in the octagon –


GSP/USADA and cleaning up the sport

Also GSP went on to subliminally accuse his last opponent Johnny Hendricks and other past opponents of abusing steroids, and considering Johnny Hendricks’ drastic slide in performance since USADA came into the UFC, many have since agreed with statements GSP said in the past. He famously stated –


It really has been since GSP left the sport, that drug testing has become much tighter in terms of regulations, and we have seen many fighters performances go downhill very quickly as the drug testing has become much more strict. GSP has never failed a drug test, and rally has just always been one of those rare genetic freaks, a natural athlete that would have been successful in any sport he decided to do – good for all us MMA fans that he decied to get into MMA 🙂

It can be argued that because drug testing is more strict now thanks to the efforts of GSP and many others, that GSP may possibly come back looking better then he ever has before. Because if he was beating guys that were using steroids, then what will he do fighting people that are clean?

Leader of the pack

GSP has been an icon of the sport for a long time, but not just for his achievements in the cage, but also for his endeavours outside of the cage, where he is known for being a leader, for standing up and speaking up about things that need to be improved in the sport.

GSP was one of the first fighters to openly speak up about the need for more drug testing and better pay for fighters, and he is now a member of the MMAAA (Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association), where the aim is to improve fighters pay in the sport of MMA as well as getting more job security and protection in place, like health insurance and pension schemes etc.

Its very important work, and I for one hope that GSP can still be actively involved in helping the association grow and implement improvements in the sport of MMA.

So whos it gona be?

MMA_Gateway_Georges_St-Pierre_crop_GSP UFC Return Ryan MallardI personally want to see Michael Bisping be GSPs first opponent back in the UFC, mainly because I feel that GSP can make 185 pounds, and Bisping has been in the sport a longtime, so from my perspective should be given a chance to have a big pay day by fighting GSP.

Some people want to see him fight the golden boy of the UFC currently, which is of course the enigmatic Conor McGregor. Also Tyron Woodley and a few other names have been banded about, and the gossip is only going to get worse until the MMA community gets a definitive answer and a date.

But we know that ink has been put to paper for his return, so we can stop asking the question “When will GSP return?” because we know that he is officially now back, and whoever is his next opponent in his comeback bout, it is going to be epic, and you know that as soon as it is announced, you will hear all about it here at the MMAGateway.

Any comments, feedback or suggestions for GSPs next fight, then drop them below, maybe the MMA community can decide his comeback bout!

Thanks for reading


Marley Dawkins


  1. I think it depends on what he’s trying to accomplish. If he wanted to come back for a big payday, then go for a Bisping or a Woodley would make for a good payday. Those would be really tough fights for first fight back after a 4-year hiatus. I think if he wants to work his way back, why not a rematch with Hendricks to work off the rust? Then look for a bigger fight after that.

    • Hi George, yeah thats a good point, im not sure if GSP wants money fights or wants to go for the belt again – but yeah a Hendricks rematch could be a good first fight for him, especially considering it was GSps last fight before his break, and it was a controversial fight.

      I guess we will just have to wait and see 🙂

  2. I’d love to see GSP vs Bisping match, GSP brings the talent, Bisping brings the talk, not saying that Bisping isn’t talented but if its the same GSP we are used to then I don’t see Bisping having a chance, he’s getting that butt whopped haha. Do you think GSP will come back better than ever or will he flop?

    • Hey Bassam, yeah i agree that GSP will probably beat Bisping if they put that fight together, but like you say Bisping is great at selling a fight, so the build up would be great. Plus MMA is unpredictable, and Bisping is the much bigger man, so he could get a surprise win.

      Im not sure if GSP will come back as good as he used to be, that part of our excitement to see him back in the cage right 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!

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