Where to buy UFC gloves? UFC Official Fight Gloves Review

MMA_Gateway_UFC_Official_Gloves_ReviewProduct: UFC Official Adult MMA Fight Gloves Black

Price: Check it out at Amazon.com

Size: Small – XXL

Weight: 4-6 oz

My Rating: 9 out of 10


UFC Official Fight Gloves Overview

Have you thought to yourself while watching a UFC event in the past – “those UFC gloves are really cool”. Or Maybe you were training and wanted an extra UFC vibe by having a pair of UFC Official Fight Gloves to train in? If so then just like me you probably had the next thoughts come into your mind –  “I want a pair of those gloves – so now the only problem is where to buy UFC gloves?”

If that is the case then continue to read on, because im going to give you the most comprehensive review i can here, and show you where to buy UFC Official Fight Gloves –

But before i get into the nitty gritty of this review, i just want to give you a brief overview of what owning a pair of these UFC Official Fight Gloves is like. Because ultimately, just like me when i bought a pair of these gloves years back, you might not have hours to read through a 20,000 word review -so here’s a video in the meantime to give you a quick overview if your rushing –

There is Only ONE Authentic UFC Glove

Now i will list the full pros and cons from my perspective as we keep moving through this review, and maybe at this stage your already made a decision about if your going to get yourself a pair of these gloves or not –

But i want to say flat out what i think is the best part about having a pair of these gloves, which very simply put in the words of 1984 film The Highlander –

“There can be only ONE!”

Ok so maybe my reminiscing over one of my favourite 1980s films went over your head, but the point i am making is MMA Gateway ufc97montrealbustourtickets39_3887137509that the best part about having a pair of UFC Official Fight Gloves is knowing that the gloves you own, are the exact same gloves exclusively worn by the warriors that step into the octagon. Which if you train or not, anyone can affiliate with wanting something that makes you feel like a bad ass, which these gloves certainly do.

Iv’e spoke to different MMA fighters about this before too, and having UFC gear to train in, is one of the greatest motivators while training – as the blood, sweat and tears is pouring out of you as you put rounds in at your gym, looking at the UFC logo on your gloves can give you an extra boost, a motivating tool you could say as a martial artist to keep pushing and get to the UFC one day.

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  • The only glove approved by the UFC to be worn in the octagon by UFC fighters.
  • Constructed from 100% genuine leather
  • Gloves are designed to naturally curve to the shape of the knuckle.
  • Protects the knuckle significantly during impact.
  • The open-palm design increases dexterity, making grappling techniques easy to achieve.
  • The adjustable wrist wraps, with double Velcro straps offer extra support.
  • Excellent motivational tools while training.
  • The perfect present for a devout UFC fan.


  • Not the best priced gloves on the market.
  • Do not offer as much natural fist curvature support as the classic PRIDE FC curved glove.
  • The open-palm design is not as vast as the classic PRIDE FC gloves.
  • Not designed for all types of training in the gym.

The only reason i gave these gloves a 9 out of 10, and not a 10 out of 10, was mainly for me because of the lack of natural fist curvature in comparison to the classic PRIDE FC gloves, which assisted with reducing eye gouge issues, that we often see in UFC bouts – but other then that these really are an excellent pair of gloves.

Important things to note with using these gloves

I also want to highlight that these gloves are not for hitting heavy bags in the gym, because hand injuries can occur if you do that. If your looking for an all rounder type of glove for the gym, then i suggest you look into the variations of heavy bag mitts/gloves out there, or boxing gloves.

These UFC Official Fight Gloves, are better put to use on speed bags, focus pads, for sparring, or for a sanctioned MMA fight. Also to maximise efficiency, it is advisable to use MMA specific hand wraps before using the gloves for training, which will maximise hand protection.

 Its Conclusive – these are the “Celebrity” MMA gloves

Bottom line if your looking for all round gloves to use in the gym for all aspects of training MMA, then there are other options to consider. However, and this is very important – if you are looking for the exact gloves that are worn MMA Gateway UFC Official Fight Glovesby your favourite UFC fighters in the octagon, then these UFC Official Fight Gloves are the only choice for you.

Because if like me you wanted a pair of authentic UFC gloves, then you need to look no further then this review, because these gloves really are the “celebrity” MMA gloves of choice, and as i mentioned earlier in this review they can give you a mental boost in training.

But remember if your not actually looking to train at all, and you just want to get a UFC gift for yourself, a friend or a family member that is a UFC fan, then these gloves really are the best option you can get on the market, so if you want to take action now, and get a pair of these UFC Official Fight Gloves right now, then you can do that right HERE.

Other then that, i hope its fair to say that you know where to buy UFC gloves now, so thanks for reading this review, and if you have any comments or questions about this review, then please leave a comment below.

Marley Dawkins


  1. If you’re training for the UFC might is well use the best.

    Roughly how thick is the protection for the knuckles? I understand they are crafted out of leather but how much of an impact are you expected to feel from delivering a decent blow.

    A friend and I were considering having a little sparring match for fun and wanted to make sure we used legit equipment but also didn’t want one of us seriously getting hurt in the process so your input would be appreciated.

    Hopefully, you can get back to me is these are the right gloves or I should go with something a little thick for just a fun sparring match. (maybe smash em hulk gloves, lol)

    • Hi Tyler, yes if your training to get to the UFC oneday, then its good to have official UFC gloves for motivation in training more then anything.

      The knuckle protection is not that thick, its around 2 centimetres, and if you are going to spar with them, then its a good idea to get some MMA hand wraps to go under the gloves. It will protect the knuckle well from a full power strike, but be careful because if you use full force in your punches with these UFC official fight gloves on, then don’t hit heavy bags because knuckle injuries can be common.

      These really are fight gloves, and just a cool option for UFC fans, so there are much better padded sparring gloves out there if you want to just have a fun sparring match with a friend – you could look into Venum sparring gloves, Grant’s sparring boxing gloves, both very good choices.

      But if your a massive UFC fan then you might just want some of these official UFC gloves anyway, or like you say you could always just go with the kids Hulk gloves lol.

  2. This is a reaaly great page. I love boxing and kickboxing, but I’m slowly enjoying and getting into UFC style training. I did a little happy dance when I saw you mentioned that these gloves were not for heavy bag use. I’ve seen so many people come to my gym and hit heavy bags with them for an hour long session and always wonder “Don’t your wrists hurt?!” Haha.

    Awesome page, am definitely interested in coming back for some more!

    • Hi Liz, awesome that you love boxing, kickboxing and your getting into MMA style training. And yes i know what you mean most Gyms have those people that come in, where everyone looks at each other and knows that they will probably injure themselves if they keep training like that lol. Yes these gloves are definitely not for heavy bag usage.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  3. it is always recommended that whenever one is training more especially in gym he/ should always use the glove to prevent hand from getting damaged and in my case i sometimes don’t recommend them that have even caused sore on my hand but with this valuable information provided i’m planning to order some for myself

    thanks for such educative information and the direction to the right path



    • Hi Jose, good to hear you can see the value in having a pair of UFC Official Fight Gloves, also if your looking for more training tips, check out my review of this excellent system

  4. This is so cool. I just have to have a pair of these. I’m no UFC fighter. But just to have these would be next level for me. I’m a huge fan and need these ASAP. Do you know if these are collectibles or can be used officially in a fight.

    I will be back to see your response. I’m at work right now.

    • Hi William, glad to hear you realise how awesome these UFC gloves are 🙂 these gloves can definitely be used in a fight, its officially what they are used for, but a well kept pair of these UFC gloves will definitely be collectable one day, so maybe you should buy two pairs of these UFC gloves – one pair to use, and one pair to keep in the packaging away in storage for collectable value 🙂

      Thnaks for your feedback!

  5. I think having a pair of these UFC gloves just adds a little cool factor to your workout and possibly even makes you a little more “legit” with your sparring partners. If I went to the gym and saw someone wearing those, I would probably think they knew a lot about MMA and maybe were even friends or associates with someone involved in the business. It gives you some credibility. 🙂

    • Hi Shannon, thanks for your comment and i agree – these gloves add a coolness factor to your workout, and yes while you have to put the work in, these UFC gloves definitely improve confidence and let others know in the gym that your serious about your training 🙂

  6. Wow! I haven’t been in a gym in years but I can recognize quality in gloves when I see it. I have used some very flimsy and used gloves that would leave your hands in terrible shape. Those look amazing. Do they come with free fight tickets? My son also is in need of these gloves. How long does it usually take to have them shipped?

    • Hey Bobby, your obviously a smart man as you can see the quality of these UFC gloves, but unfortunately they do not come with free fight tickets, i will suggest that to the UFC though lol. Shipping doesn’t take long haven’t heard of anyone having to wait longer then a few weeks in any country.

      These gloves help you remember some of your best UFC memories too,kind of like these posters.

      See you again soon! 

  7. Just read your article about UFC Official Fight Gloves Review. I recently bought a pair of these gloves and I love them!
    There are a lot of imitations out there, but these are far better than any others I have used!

    I am looking to get a few new pieces like a new mouth piece and heavy bag any suggestions?

    • Hi Brendon, good to hear you love the gloves, they are some quality equipment.

      But yes if you want some more training bits, then here’s a good heavy bag option.

      Stay tuned a mouthpiece review is coming out within the next week 🙂

      Thanks for your support!

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