Youth Wrestling Shoes – Asics Aggressor 3 Wrestling Shoes – Rip it up on the Matts!

Product: Asics Aggressor 3 Wrestling ShoesAsics_Aggressor_3_Wrestling_Shoes_Youth_Wrestling_Japan_MMA_UFC_NCAA_Equipment Review MMAGateway

Price: Have a look right HERE

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

Colour: Black/Rich Gold, White/White/Black, Indigo Blue/Indigo Blue/Aluminum

Sizes: 4-15 Medium (US sizing’s)

Material: Ecsaine Upper shoe, Gum Rubber Sole

Closure: Lace-Up

Shipping: Varies depending on your location.

Guarantee: Standard 30 days returns policy

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product Overview

All the best Wrestlers generally start in Junior/High school, so today we are reviewing youth wrestling shoesThe Asics Aggressor 3 Wrestling Shoes, but don’t worry these are shoes that are not only for young wrestlers, Asics_Aggressor_3_Wrestling_Shoes_Youth_Wrestling_Japan_MMA_UFC_NCAA Equipment Review MMAGatewaybut are also for adult Men/Women too!

Now when you step onto the wresting matts, it is soooooo important that you have comfortable, durable and flexible Wrestling Shoes that also have incredible grip – your getting all these benefits with the Asics Aggressors.

The ability to use the grip of your shoes is the most important in Wrestling of all martial arts, because the amount of grip your can get from your shoes basically works to maximise and even enhance your natural physical strength when you pummelling for under hooks, going for a double or a single leg take down etc.

I’ve seen many excellent wrestlers lose a wrestling match to someone because they had poor grip on their shoes, but with the Aggressors you never have to worry about your grip failing you at crucial moments.

Watch this video to see these Shoes in action –

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My favourite parts of these Shoes

    1. Insane Grip – Flat out I have never felt grip like this on any shoes I have ever tried on in my life, I first tried a pair of Asics Aggressor 1 series when I was in school, but my new pair of Asics Aggressor 3 that I have recently bought to do this review are on another level of grip. I mean it literally feels like they are some kind of gravity boots at times that literally stick to the ground – which when it comes wrestling makes all the difference with attacking and defending effectively on the matts.Asics_Aggressor_3_Wrestling_Shoes_Youth_Wrestling_Japan_MMA_UFC NCAA Equipment Review MMAGatewayYou don’t want to be the guy that loses the match because the grip on your shoes kept giving way, so you repeatedly slipped/lost balance at pivotal moments, giving your opponent the opportunity to take over the match – Trust me you will never have grip issues with the Aggressors, the high line of the Gum sole means that even when your on the side of your foot, on your heels or your toes, you are still getting maximum grip even in all positions.
    2. Super Comfy – I mean really I don’t like to compete in any sport if my footwear isn’t correct, because when your in the heat of competition, the last thing you want is to be distracted by uncomfortable shoes. But these Asics Aggressor 3 Wrestling Shoes are as comfy as you can get, and because they are so comfortable it makes them versatile too  – I like to do lifting with these shoes, as well as using them for long walks and mountain hiking because they support my feet so well in rugged and off road situations.
    3. Durable for years – the only reason why I had to throw out my original Asics Aggressor 1 series was because I grew out of them, but they never broke down on me, they are really rugged shoes. I found them in the attic a few years ago and they still are almost looking new from over 15 years ago! So I know that my new Asics Aggressor series 3 shoes will possibly last me for the rest of my life as I have certainly done all my growing now at 30 years old!

Who are Asics?

After being demobilised from WW2 in 1945, Kihachiro Onitsuka worked as a standard worker a trading company for almost three years. Then he decided to go his own way by forming his own company and making sneakers for Asics_Aggressor_3_Wrestling_Shoes_Youth_Wrestling_Japan_MMA_UFC_NCAA_Equipment Review MMAGateway Logoschoolchildren, which were in short supply in the fallout from the war.

In September 1949 he established Onitsuka Co., Ltd. with a capital of 300,000 and only four employees. Onitsuka consulted about the business with Kohei Hori, a former comrade in arms who came with the name for Asics: “If you pray to God, you should pray for a sound mind in a sound body” which in Japanese translates to  – (“Anima Sana in Corpore Sano”).Asics_Aggressor_3_Wrestling_Shoes_Youth_Wrestling Japan MMA UFC NCAA Equipment Review MMAGateway

These words had a profound impact on Onitsuka, and became the driving motivation for him to create quality sporting shoes in order to assist athletes, as well as being the source of the acronym ASICS.

Throughout the 50s, 60s, and 70s Asics became known for providing a wide variety of sporting shoes – Basketball, Golf, Dancing, Tennis, Running, Football/Soccer, Olympic Athletics, Cricket and of course Wrestling.

They made their first Wrestling shoe in 1955 with Nylon, Rubber and Leather and they were an immediate success throughout worldwide Wrestling programs – so remember that Asics have more knowledge about Wrestling Shoes Asics_Aggressor_3_Wrestling Shoes Youth Wrestling Japan MMA UFC NCAA Equipment Review MMAGatewaythen most shoe and sports apparel companies.

Fascinatingly If it wasn’t for Asics there probably never would have been Nike! – Phil Knight the creator of Nike visited Japan in 1963 and he was immediately highly impressed by Onitsuka Tiger shoes for their quality and low price. He became the first US sales agent for Onitsuka Tiger and when he created Nike he even headhunted staff from Onitsuka to give him the initial push he needed to make Nike a success.

In its 2006 fiscal year, Asics generated over 171 billion yen in global net sales and as of 2017 are globally respected as one of the best sports footwear companies ever.

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  • The Shoes close with laces, but the Lace GarageTM Technology, provides a little pocket which enables the laces to be tucked in and unexposed, meaning you never have to worry about tripping on your laces in the heat of a Wrestling match. 
  • The quality Ecsaine (Suede) Upper design of the majority of the shoe make for an excellent look and really add to the durability, flexibility and comfort of the shoe.
    Asics_Aggressor_3_Wrestling_Shoes_Youth_Wrestling Japan MMA UFC NCAA Equipment Review MMAGateway
  • The high rimmed soles are made of Gum Rubber, and as I said earlier they provide the best grip I have tried with any shoes, which when it comes to Wrestling can make all the difference between being on top or being on the bottom in a match.
  • They are so durable, I have never had a pair of Asics Aggressors fail me in my life, they just keep going – sure you might have to get a new pair after 10 years or so, depending on your level of usage, but bottom line you will not be needing any new Wrestling shoes for at least a few years.
  • The DuoSole outsole really reduces the weight making them really lightweight, while also enhancing the flexibility while maintaining traction and durability.
  • Because they are so well made, with amazing grip and high comfort means I use my Aggressors for weight lifting, long walks and mountain hiking.
  •  Don’t tell me they don’t look cool, because all three of the colour variations all overloaded with style!Asics_Aggressor_3_Wrestling_Shoes_Youth Wrestling Japan MMA UFC NCAA Equipment Review MMAGateway
  • Very importantly these shoes are suitable not only for youngsters at school learning Wrestling, they are also perfect for Adult Men or Women to use.


  • Not a huge a mount of colour variations! There is only 3 different colour choices, so I feel Asics could offer a bit more variety with this series, but then again the 3 colour options they have are all really nice.
  • Don’t expect them to be cheap! These shoes are for people who are serious about Wrestling and need series equipment – so just remember there is a big cost for this level of quality!

You need to rip it up on the matts!

Asics_Aggressor_3_Wrestling_Shoes_Youth_Wrestling_Japan_MMA_UFC_NCAA_Equipment Review MMAGatewayIf your in school and you need some quality Youth Wrestling shoes that will enhance your game, or if your an adult male or female athlete that wants to learn from scratch, or just build on your existing Wrestling knowledge – then the Asics Aggressor 3 Wrestling Shoes are exactly what you need to help you take your Wrestling skills to the next level.

If they were a $50 cheaper, or if they had more colour options then these shoes would easily get a 10 out of 10 fromAsics_Aggressor 3 Wrestling Shoes Youth Wrestling Japan MMA UFC NCAA Equipment Review MMAGateway me, but as it is I’m still completely confident giving this a really high 9.5 out of 10 because they are as close to a perfect pair of Wrestling Shoes that you can find.

So if your ready to start looking at the size, colours and make an order, then you can do that right HERE.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s review, and as always please leave a comment or some questions below if your feeling chatty – let me know what are your favourite Wrestling shoes?

Of course like, share, subscribe and stay tuned for more from the world of MMA and the best MMA product reviews in the industry right here at the MMAGateway.

Stay Frosty!

Marley Dawkins


  1. I have been wearing Aric’s sneakers for a while now. I never knew that they had their own line for wrestlers as well.

    I have a friend who child is getting into wrestling and maybe looking to start classes soon. I will be sure to share this article with them. Keep up the good work.

    • Hey James, good man Asics have been been making quality trainers for a longtime for athletes mainly, and their wrestling shoe line is the best in the industry as far as I’m concerned.

      Definitely if your friends kid wants to start wrestling these shoes will give him a serious edge on the matts. Also you should get them to have a look at a good mouthpiece too.

      Thanks for you support!

  2. These shoes look awesome and comfortable to wear! I was into wrestling at one point when I was in junior high school but never really looked much into wrestling shoes then, however, I feel these would have definitely helped!

    One thing that I was never a fan of in shoes were shoe laces because they take more time to put on and often come lose out of nowhere, I do like that these shoes provide a strap over them which is helpful.

    Also hearing that they felt like gravity boots in a way has me interested in trying them on. I can see why these were so popular for so long since they are high quality and last quite a while.

    My question is, do you think these would also be good just for casual wear? Like for someone who isn’t really into sports?

    • Hi Arie, well they don’t just look awesome and comfortable, they really are! Oh trust me man I have seen so many young and adult wrestlers get a huge edge in a competition because their footwear was superior to their opponents.

      Also as you point out no straggling laces means you never have to worry about tripping on your laces, or your laces coming undone in the middle of a match, which is the worst!

      But yeah I’m serious bro the comfort mixed with the incredible grip really does feel like your feet stick to the ground in certain situations – and don’t worry because these shoes are designed with durability and quality in mind, they really can be used as standard casual wear shoes, I use mine randomly all the time as well as using them for multiple different sporting activities outside of just Wrestling.

      Oh by the way have you seen my favourite Sunglasses for athletes? Trust me they are seriously worth your time as well!

      See you again! 

  3. Hi Marley,

    Great article!
    My daughter practice kickboxing and her teacher told her that in about a month, they would do a kickboxing match for beginners. She wants to win so badly, and I would like to maximise her chances to accomplish this. She needs to be stable on the floor, and the Asics Aggressor 3 Wrestling shoes seem to be extremely grippy!
    The blue one looks beautiful, but that’s my personal taste. I will show this article to my daughter so she can take a closer look at this great pair of shoes.

    Are these shoes available in teenager size?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Hi Daniella, thanks for the feedback! Great news that your daughter is getting into Kickboxing on a serious basis, its an amazing martial art for leg dexterity, general flexibility, and definitely cardio!

      I wouldn’t really suggest these Asics Aggressors for Kickboxing though lol, but if she gets into Wrestling then these shoes are perfect for that! Definitely available in teenager sizes, as that’s the best time for kids to get involved in Wrestling.

      For competitive kickboxing training you will definitely want to get your daughter some good shin guards.

      See you around! 

  4. My son is interested in wrestling. He did gymnastics for 15 years and is ready to try a different sport. The wrestling coach keeps bugging him about joining the team. My question is this, my son has a very wide foot and I am not sure which shoe comes in a wide width. Can you tell me which shoe would work for him? I don’t want to purchase one, and then end up sending it back. We are kind of in a time crunch, and there is nothing available locally.

    • Well that’s awesome news! Also if your son did gymnastics for 15 years then he must be very athletic and physically strong which is a great base to start any martial art especially an art like Wrestling.

      Yeah these Asics Agressor 3 shoes are the best Wrestling shoes I have tried and I’ve tried over 4 different kinds. I have training partners that have tried way more then that – many complaints about narrow feet on certain shoes, but I have never heard that with the Aggressors, they are nice and wide and really comfortable!

      Also this training dummy will help him with his take down techniques at home in his spare time, which will help take his game even further!

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